Ivory Coast Football Federation, Thirty Year discussed on Caught Offside - Caught Offside: A Mailbag Special: 6/16/17


And there's more written here a message to the ivory coast football federation this is not about you all right there should be no battle in this situation over where his final resting places if the family wants him in his original home town then that's it end of story how dare they think that they can come in and go against the family's wishes for his for where he'll be buried and half the body were the football federation would prefer he be are use this isn't about you this is about the family they just lost a thirty year old man this benefits the of anybody associated with him this has probably been the most traumatic experience of their life and you're going to fight the family over something like this unbelievable so petty and so wrong i really hope on us oba sad like to see how this plays out i really really hope that where he is finally buried is his hometown and the ivory coast football federation does not win here and maybe they have aside to the story i know there's a lot of people in the rv coast that check tot means an awful lot to and they probably feel a connection to him but you know what your connection to him does it it it's microscopic it pales in comparison to the connection he has to his actual family are i saw that and i thought it was so disgusting i find it very weird i hope is another side to this because it's not laid out in the article as to what reason the ivory coast for a football federation has that they want his body to be somewhere else aside from his hometown where his family wants it to be so maybe there's more to it and maybe i haven't done enough research here but in this article that i saw that's how it was written and i thought that was just terrible very very strange very very strong what are you have my from.

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