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Learn more I think correct me if I'm wrong but I think I got you into big brother tonight you did I've never seen an episode although I did interview a couple people with me you interviewed. Tommy. Tommy. WHO's everything So. Sad. He's not all-stars and holly always just so lovely and down to earth and who knows what happened but they broke up. I'm shocked. Truly shift to the core. Would last forever and ever damn. Day Dave. Hundred twelve halls is what he would always say anyways for people who to watch big brother. They are like shutting this podcast off I didn't watch it either and I. There's been like fifty seasons but tonight I watched thirty minutes and I thoroughly or an hour and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was because I was screaming at the top of my lungs you were so into it that it's it was fun because you're into which made me want to get into it. I mean I can't believe Nicole went home oh my God. Shocking her poor glasses are fogging up, don't make me cry the innocence she literally was put. On that show Jason. Jason I literally got teary eyed because when Nicole went into the house she was like she's always known as the door but really she's just a sweet angel who Is Really. She's just. Different in like the best unique way ever I, just love her I'm such a fan and she had her glasses on in her mask and she went to talk to. She actually about to tear.

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