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Dan Patrick DOT COM A. Let me see from Greg in Baytown Texas. Just watch the opening scene from SABIRA. Holy Sh- NIKE'S I can see why Pauly's wife doesn't want to watch. I can see why polly does want to watch that was on. Netflix'S IT'S SUBARU. And then it says like the blood of Rome yet suburbia blood on Rome. There's a movie a few years ago called Soubra. It's A. It's their version of Ikea Mafia government. Politics Church Organized crime it's subtitled. It's all Italian but it's subtitled. The first scene was so hard core. The my wife goes nope not for me and she watches. She washed breaking bad and she had no problem with breaking. I want to see Sa- borough yeah now like Sa- borrowed that'd be fritzy's favorite show. I thought man all right they got a food court in Rome. It's perfect. Yeah but there's blood it's one of those things. It's not even violent the first scene. It's just so dark and cringe-worthy it involves a priest and and then I can not now. I'm not interested but it got great reviews. It's one of the more popular shows out there on Netflix. And it's hardcore no not interested. I was watching Real's last night as I always do. They have mobsters a episodes and they had it on Murder Inc. The the guys who started Murder Inc back in the thirties and they they decided that the Italians and the Jewish mafia like they all teamed up there like showed some of these other guys and they just talked about how many people they killed all over the United States but it'd be a murder INC and they all die in the end by the way. Yes Your Company. Murder Inc. you're GONNA be a big target authority. I mean they are s. The IRS is going to have a problem looking at you. These guys it's not like a flower shop murder Murder Inc. Llc. They're up to something bad. Imagine the IRS would probably question that yes mclovin so you get into this now. No I just watch reels. And then it reminds me of why I don't like Mafia movies so you watch it and you're like man. Thank God none of this real yup. Yeah thank This is what addiction. It is called reels. Yes todd where people really afraid of Abe. The minora Goldstein back today with the thirties. Jewish mobsters hard.

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