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Konishi watt k. Pasta shalom. what is going on bosio. Both swam issue members. Jim appel when the walvis windows rolled in sports calling this on a sunday night after the nba. All star game is over going to be posting this on monday. Hopefully posting the next podcast after that on wednesday and thursday tien compromises a little bit. This week i'm gonna be up in Mosquito skeet nevada. Which is about ninety five miles north up the road in between saint george and milwaukee valley going to be teaching some kids mac. Let's be interesting school without back in session in terms of a being in the classroom still still gotta wear a mask and all those type of things but the extra money that i get from going up there have been going up there for a while now so i'm looking forward to it very much looking forward and teaching teaching some kids some things because you know after all i don't know much about history don't know much biology you don't know much about the science books don't know much about the french But i do know that. I love you and i know that if you love me too. What on wonderful world. It would be felisa so all of the things. I want to be bringing up and the students who haven't seen and man going on a year now so should be interesting should be should be very interesting. I'm going to try to do a many podcasts from a park in bunkerville that i go to Every time i'm up there and spend the night always go there just to relax just to regroup beautiful part you go there late at night. There's nobody around and Small little bunkerville. You go there. You sit there just reflect. I ask you know. Tried to center myself whether my doing or am i going what my life is all about those type of things so i might as well try to go ahead and do a podcast little mini podcast from there. So tomorrow night. I will record it and when i get back into town i will put it down on my youtube. Page to page yes. I have a youtube page. Wendell world the sports w. e. n. d. e. double parking fee as world w. o. r. l. d. end sports as peo- rt to check that out trying to build the content of that bad boy just using different platforms to get my point across in terms of them. When i want to speak about in the world of sports so all that good stuff all right so here we go when we get back to. What i wanted to talk about here. college athletics imperil under the spotlight. Knuckling getting into a less violent miles it. Kansas city. The fallen off the radar terms of overall importance. Even though what he did is significant and important but You know in terms of him being a big time football coach. That had happened since he left. Lsu so his the old Into that but rela column written by yahoo sports dot com writer. Sali's man's a young and the title of the column. She wrote a couple of days ago. Was boost texas boosters. Greg mcdermott texas boosters. Greg mcdermott in others in college. Sports are telling us what who they are. I hope black student athletes. Listen i was lying. Caught my attention all right. Let me see what this is about. So i started reading it and basically this past week some of the things that took place on the campuses of higher learning and athletic programs that are responsible for quote unquote developing mature boys to responsible strong character educated productive members of society. You know you go in there to college. And you're surrounded by academia surrounded by all these smart people and you're surrounded by people with degrees and these professors and blah blah. And you know you go to a college where you learn how to grow up you learn responsibility and you learn to take care of yourself in while yes individually you do that. Just by osmosis and dealing with the everyday the adults on this college campus play a huge role right. An athlete who there on scholarship be basketball football wrestling softball swimming and diving. Whatever you look at the to coach in this pollyanna type of situation. That i'm bringing a force to you. The coach is supposed to be your your father figure to be looking out for you. He's supposed to have your best interest in heart. Not in how many points scored and how touchdown throw. Not how many times you hit a home. Run those type of things we're talking about. He's gonna make sure that you graduate. He's gonna make sure that you were responsibility. He's gonna make sure that when you believe his program albeit what program that is that you are going to be a much better person than when you came in with the life lessons. That was taught by this coach. You're going to then off to society to be an outstanding father and outstanding husband and be a productive member of society of move to society along in a positive and that's all gonna be shaped and molded and learn with this coach. All these college campuses with the help of course not only the coach but also these wonderful professors wonderful school administrators. Who are looking out for your best interest right right. Isn't that right right. The most important thing college education isn't that the propaganda that everybody throws the stuff that i gobbled up and learn when i was young. Lord have mercy of. Don't have yourself a college degree. Well boy you wisdom you in a world of trouble tell you. You'll never be able to buy a house. They'll never be able to have a great life. You'll never be able to have any money. You'll never be able to have the success in all the materialistic things that you want because goodness gracious. You didn't go to college then you learn there. Weren't you fed that bullshit that nonsense. Well as i was reading. This column written by shalit's as a young again. Texas boosters in greg mcdermott and others in college sports telling us who they are. I hope black student athletes are listening. I was reading the article very good article. I must add highly recommended and they were giving. She was giving some examples of how that is nonsensical. Hypocritical bullshit some of the examples in university. Texas athletic boosters are threatening to pull financial donations. If the school doesn't make it clear that quote is the the eye of texas will be sown by players and fans as per tradition. The school's fight song that has racist. Origins will be will continue being sung by players in fans as per tradition. So these old rich white folks are trying to tell us that you need to go ahead and you need to sing that song. It's an older. I'm telling you this. I'm not asking. I'm not the building not negotiating. I mr republican really rich white. Old man is telling you that you need to do this. Period end of discussion so people might be sitting there saying well. What's so can everybody. You know there's certain groups and the other side of the tracks across town and the other side of street not so much in the black community but we know that the other community the dominant community the majority community might look at this and go here. We go in geez. Votes are sitting there telling them about what. What do we need. What what the cancel culture going to do. Now what's the what the what are they upset about now. The don't hurt my feelings. Group is concerned about now what the group concerned about now. What is the people do so wrong time. We'll be at fault now. How are we raise this this time. How will we privilege this time. How insensitive time. Come on and black folks and try to be a white folks. Tell what's going on with this. What's what's was so horrible about this fight song texas university of texas that we have.

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