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And I was like this is who I want to be. This is me was Hilary Duff's with love. It was just such a fabulous fucking sent. It was. So it was it was mature. But it was young. It was exciting. It was. It was just it was fun. Good sent in my mind. I imagine it being very like candy now. No, it was I was a very womanly said. Good for her. She you know, she's kind of a renaissance woman kind of. In the ad because we thought about doing that one. But it's just like her piano. And then there's like the with love on the thing. Do it. We will not be represented, but it'll be in my heart, of course. And you're representing it now. Yeah. So I mean, only so make it. But if they do send it so many era when that one came out, that's what they really exploded. Again. With Jennifer Lopez put out glow. Yeah. Like a few in the middle between Elizabeth Taylor. Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez was the one who kick started it into hyper drive Britney. Of course, Britney is thought of mmediately she's the Queen of celebrity perfume. She has a new one coming out now Braga. Braga of progress of Paris is in their know, how here's we think is like a mean lady. So we don't try to we try to not you don't want to even give her the space. She's like she's like a love Trump. He probably do that to those women. I know give you it's like it for years ever in his known this because there's a storage locker. She didn't pay a fee on in the mid thousands. And all of this stuff was found in there. And like among it was recordings which I don't understand. But like recordings of her in like multiple situations. Just saying the worst thing about every group of people you could possibly imagine. Why you keep those weird rich people where they say it. And then they haven't unrecorded then they keep it or. So weird that family. It's always really interesting. When like Kyle Richards on Instagram whose course Kathy Hilton sister will like shout out her nephew, Barron Hilton. She's always just like happy birthday baron. I'm so proud of you, and I'm like. That airplane meltdown and like tried to attack stored like I used to work at the Hilton. And he wants tried to check in without any money or I d but the guy was like, I need idea or funny. And then he's like, no my news. The fucking building. Kathy had to call. I'm like arrange it. Hers Houghton is like a Jillian air because of her perfumes. Yeah. And like Kerr national perfumes and stuff like that. How they sell really well overseas. There's a few people who it's like, oh, I didn't even know you had a cent, but it's overseas like the twins have won. I think one of many but not like a row it's like just like no actually it's from years ago, and it just has their image on it. I do find the Kim Kardashian. Bottled which is like her silhouette apparently to be like almost pornographic. Oh..

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