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970301. Happy birthday, Cathy. Thank you for making me laugh every morning, okay? There you go. Ah, thank you. I appreciate that from the 303956 pretty sure everybody listening was snapping along there. I agree. I would think so. 720487 good listen, would be to have people call in reminisce about times they were chewed out at work that are funny now, or at least Not as painful now that would be a good Yeah. Good listener topic times you were chewed out at work. We did that yesterday, right? That he's not with the Texas from Yeah, we catched on. Can I use my NFL experience? Because technically, that was a word. Yeah, that was at work. Wow, which coach? Who allowed him well, you know the late great force Greg Hall of Famer with agreement Packers Forest Had what force was a big man. And force had a way of he was a commanding presence. And so Yeah, there. I've got two or three stories about him, I'll say but at some point I'll share and he was a big Lombardi guy, Of course, so I would imagine he's pretty good at Vince Lombardi. I say way. Love you, Victor. You have a way of is Vic related to Vince? No. Probably somewhere the genealogy tree. I'm sure I heard him say that he was I mean, distantly related. I mean, somewhere. I'm gonna text Vic and ask him But you have Vince Lombardi. In forest, Greg. So I would imagine Forrest Gregg could really choose a mass if you want a toe boy. Oh, boy. And then you just What did you do? Just sit There. You don't You don't you know, like, stand him say I know you're not you talking to me. I know you're not talking to me. You know, there was none of that now back in the day. No. Cause you you to bend. Well, we've been out of there was in front of the whole team. Couple times. Okay. One quick story. Right? It was. It was toward the end of force. Greg's tenure as head coach of the Browns, so we had played poorly. Cameron board game. He walked in and all the players are sitting in the theater style seats. You know that goes up 50. However many players And he starts to talk about the previous game. And all of a sudden, and he's getting loud and all of a sudden he stops. He turns to the dumps it in the back row with Paul War field to my left. I think Reggie record to my right. He coach Gregg stops turns Looks at the door that he walked in that we all had walked in, which was shut. And he walks out of the door. We're like What the hell is going on with him like 5 to 7 seconds. The player personnel director. And I am not embellishing literally comes flying through the door. Lands on the floor. In a heap. Wow. He had picked him up and thrown him through the door. He said. You want to hear what I say to my team. Sit your ass right down the front row. And his name was Bill Nussbaum. And so He set in for the rest of that talk, and then the next day in both the plain dealer in the Cleveland Press, longtime Browns player personnel director Illness. The bomb retires or resigns. Want to? He was out. He threw him through the door. That wouldn't happen today. What it I wouldn't think so. Where? Where you would be able to keep your job and do that? No, I think I think you know he would have been. I mean, back in the day he got she might've been handcuffed. They might have called the police and handcuffed him and put him in the hoosegow. Yeah, Yeah, I don't think you could do that today. You know, in a place of work Well, that was the last year. Of forced Briggs, was it Vic said. No, he's not really No. But he said it's something else that I will tell you off the air, okay? Oh, funny. There's a radio tease. Jeff and Dimmer Joins us on cable news Radio. Dave Ragan. Kathy on this beautiful Friday. What's up, Jeff? Hey, I just wanted a follow up on something I called Cathy and teller this early this morning, but I wanted to follow up on it. I know Ricks Radio twin. Okay? Okay? Yeah, he is. Also, he is also just recently celebrating 25 years on the radio. Where In Virginia Beach. It's FM 99 w. An O. R. I also have a band, and there's so many similarities between Rick and this other guy named Rick Rick. It doesn't just sound like Ryker to similarities in terms of his lifestyle, or how so The radio careers.

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