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The fact they lost two hundred pounds is an afterthought because it either if you ask all of them they're like the just tell you the secret is that i'm a promise keeper to myself i believe in myself and i love myself that's what you see and there was like our last two hundred pounds like that's nice i did that to recover my word but i have my word to myself here that's the secret to every think if us anyone who's gone through transformation with us they'll tell you the number one thing who are you this emma promised keep it to myself if i give you my word i will keep my word wow i don't care the they'll never talk about the weight because the week does it matter and you can take that and you can plug into every aspect of your life and you can achieve that greatness zing cia a veto that's the that's saucer their sir mic drop out of that that's how we do we dol one thing though just add onto that i think that sets the successful one s apart from the unsuccessful one is that the wherewithal to know that it's okay to fall because that is another thing it's like they see these incredible journeys they see these people making these leaving if its little baby steps one after another and their minds they see that success and they're like but i i'm imperfect while once they realise that everyone else around then that succeeding is imperfect to their it they realize they can do it it's about it's not how many times you fall it's about getting up more times than you fall even if it's fifteen hundred times if you get up 1500 in one time you win run just keep getting up your earlier this now there's all can you do it on your own if you're three ever pounds over where one hundred are on or need accountability or some trouble coach or support of hillary for it yet you with the accountability is huge and and the moment you actually have a support system for transformation team your chances of success they're going to skyrocket exponentially because you've got that connection connection is everything in the world of transformation okay can you do it on your own yeah but there were order it's it's like existing on your own.

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