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Home improvements over the Mesa home maintenance over bears and all the other challenges of homeownership. Well GO ABOVE AND ABIR. Whole Group podcast. Greetings and welcome to episode thirty eight of the Thumb and hammer podcast. My name is Doug and today I am going to regale you with a tale of the door which I hope you'll find both entertaining and enlightening. Actually I'm sure there are lessons to be learned and if you pay attention the red flags will be obvious but first. Let me preface this with the vacation memory from a few years ago we were in Florida and after spending the day doing the tourist thing. We were in search of a restaurant for dinner. My wife searched in review size to see what our options were and she found a restaurant. That was highly rated. But there was a one-star review the caught her attention. The main complaint in the review the lobster Mac and cheese had lobster in it go. Figure perhaps the reviewer was expecting lobster on the side but then the dish would have been called lobster and Mac and cheese but it was not lobster and Mac and cheese it was lobster MAC and cheese and most people would have understood that the lobster would be mixed in with the MAC and cheese. Plus I'm sure the description on the menu would have explained the nuances of this dish. But still this one-star review remained on the website. And I always wonder about such reviews. You know the ones that don't agree with the majority. Is the reviewer difficult? Please or do they hold some sort of grudge for reasons unknown or was their experience. Just anomaly say a bad night at the establishment in this age of the Internet. We are inundated with reviews and opinions and not a podcast on this called information overload. But it's weird when you come across a review that does not match up with the majority opinion or if your own experience is different from everyone else's and that brings me to our front door because we bought the door while it. It's an entry system with a door in the sidelight. We bought this thing from a company that highly rated but our review would have been that out of place one-star review depending on when we would have written that review. So let's start at the beginning. It started with the home show in the spring of two thousand sixteen. We had just moved into our current house. And we'd blown through the cash that we kept out from the sale of her old house buying new furniture and stuff but we were in decent financial shape so we thought with both of us working. We weren't worried about taking on a bit of debt so when it came to the home show. There were a couple of vendors that we wanted to check out and one of them was a window and door company. That was my suggestion. Our front door had seen. Its better days. It was a mess but I I suppose I could fixed it up and may do but in our other house when we did the major innovation we had the front door replaced and that was the part of the renovation that the neighbors could see and it did as curb appeal to a house that had none at the time so coming from the host that was the eyesore of the neighborhood to our current house. I kinda wanted to send a message to our neighbors that we were actually to take care of our place. A new door was as much for the neighbors as it was for us because the neighbors have to look at a to anyway we go to the home show and we get ourselves on the list for a sales call with this window and door company now home show serve a few purposes. They are a good way to get ideas for future improvements and to scope out contractors and there are often deals to be had at home shows the old home show special because contractors want to line up work for the spring and Summer. They will entice prospective clients with incentives savings special financing. So win a week or two later. The salesman pays visit. He comes in with a Satchel of brochures and catalogs and one of the first things he does is hand me the sample cut out from a door. It was probably about six inches square and he goes into the sales pitch of how they're fiberglass doors are so energy efficient and virtually indestructible feeding. And I'd have that sample in my hand. For almost the entire time that he was in the house he goes on and talks about the warranty. The best warranty and the Biz with no fine print. He talks about the financing of the special home show pricing. It all sounds good and after forty five minutes of talking all things doors he just asks. Us point blank. What do you think? Are you going to place an order? Today I was a little hesitant. I asked how long the special pricing was going to be in effect and he did that old sense of urgency thing where the deal was only good until the end of the month or something like that but if we signed the contract now we would get that deal in combination with this other deal so we had to signed today to get the best deal possible. I know I know it's all salesman BS and when I bought it. Tell the customer that they're saving money and they will pay more if they but never let them see the real numbers that was red flag number one the hard sale so anyway my wife and I we talked it over for a few minutes in ended up leaving through the catalogs in choosing a window pattern. Sales Guy writes out the contract. I start looking over the contract and I realized that he has not included a storm door. I told him that we wanted to replace exactly what we had. So he goes back into the contract. He makes modifications and we go ahead. And we signed the contract among with the financing agreement after he leaves looking over the contract again. I noticed that we'd actually a steel door. Not a fiberglass door. Maybe we couldn't get the window. We wanted with fiberglass door. I don't know but man it sure felt like a bait and switch red flag number two but my wife and I discussed further and we were both under the assumption that the fiberglass door would have been significantly more expensive and we were already spending a lot of money. Plus we were financing to boot so we decided to stick with steel door that we ordered a steel door was good enough for us. But still I was feeling like we'd been bamboozle because I assumed that the price quoted was four or five or class store so to me. The high price was justifiable. That price for a steel door. Just didn't seem to be much of a deal but be that as it. May We were looking forward to our new entry system. A few days later another guy comes out to take the measurements. What usually happens is the sales guy will come out. He will take the rough measurements. And that's an order for him to be able to quote the prices but more exact measurements are needed for the actual manufacturing. So this other guy comes out. He takes the measurements and after he takes the measurements. He asks if I want to change the direction of the doors swing at first. I say no. But he says that the swing would make much more sense the other way and I don't know if I was tired if I wasn't paying attention but I said whatever go ahead. Yeah that's fine. Well after he leaves I kick myself because the reason for the door swing the way it was is was the location of vite switches. When you come in the front door you want to be able to flip on the switch for the vestibule and the porch lights now with the changes the switches will be behind the door. Which means you would have to come in and close the door before you would be able to reach them. It's late in the day and I often drive by the showroom slash office of this company anyway so I plan to stop in there the next day in person. Why when you can stop in person? So the next day I stop in at this showroom slash office and I explained but I want to make a change to our order and I also wanted to verify other information because Oh yeah we also noticed that in our contract the color of the storm door was not specified. So we wanted to make sure that we address that as well and I just hit the microphone. But I'm not going to edit it out sewri while the lady with the Stack of papers on her desk finds are order. Oh she says. This order isn't complete. She says referring to the storm door. I would not have put this order through at all until we got the rest of the information. But I can't do anything about it now. You have to talk to the salesman and he will have to. Make the changes really. The paper is right there in front of us now. Of course the salesman is not in so the receptionist calls him and we talk for a few minutes. He's on his way to a sales. Call any offers to call me back in about twenty minutes after he arrives at his destination while I was busy myself. I explained to him that I was heading back out to run up some more errands that I really didn't have twenty minutes to kill but I would reach him later if I did not hear from him. I and we kind of left it at that. I had his business card so I figured we'll make contact. It won't be too difficult. The next day pulled his car expecting to see a cell number but there wasn't one he only had the businesses number on his card along with his email address figure. Email was better than playing phone tag. Anyway so I drop them in email along with the best times to call me. I don't hear from that day. I don't hear from the next day so the following day I send them a follow up email again. I hear back from the next day after that. Still nothing maybe another day or two passes. I honestly don't remember but I do remember the rain because that was when we had the flood in our basement so now at minimum we are looking at replacing the some own pin installing new flooring. Our priorities changed but in the back of my mind I'm comforted by what.

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