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Humor i often find that peacemakers peacekeepers are so intense in the way it is so heavy that there's very little time for laughter i'd like to know how how comes you had this wonderful spirit of joy or or what had call healthy humor and could just playing a little bit how you got that it's like a owner who talked about it like a discussing humor is like dissecting of for all you can do it but the frog dyerberg process so i don't know i mean again it's about joy and but that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete you want to have a light grasp on life you know and then in the end it's it's it's precisely those kinds of moments that teach you something real quickly i one of my favorite to recently was diane keaton showed up for lunch homegrown cafe the oscarwinning actress any hall and godfather movies and she's there with a regular guy who's there once a week and and her waitresses glendon glenda's a home girl been there done that tattooed felon parolee she doesn't know who diane keaton is and so she's taking your order and diane keaton says well what do you recommend and glenda rattles off the threeplustwo feels that she really likes and diane keaton says oil have that second one two t on sounds good and then it was suddenly at that moment that something dawns on glenda and she looks at diane keaton she goes wait a minute i i feel like i know you like like maybe we've met somewhere and diane keaton decides this sort of deflected humbly and say oh gosh i dunno i suppose i have one of those faces you know the people think they've seen before and then gleneagles no foul i know we were locked up together two.

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