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Finished dot com slash magazine interview This guy's name was sired. G is not dead it is psychology and he wrote a really great book called regenerate. And you know this is just one example. The few share of kind of like my take on healing now. Regenerate is a book that kind of gets into the body's own capacity to be able to heal and recover when placed in the right healing environment both emotionally and physically So a few things that i that i really focus upon first of all there is an enormous enormous importance in terms of the gut the gut microbiome and the overall health of the gastrointestinal track when it comes to the gut brain axis and the immune system and the multitude of effects that a healthy orange unhealthy gut has the capacity of the human body to heal and recover. So you know. I've personally struggled gut issues nearly my entire life. And you know it's a pain in the ass literally and figuratively but as a result of kind of having to solve my own issues. I feel like i've really as a blessing. Become a real expert in digestive health and many of my clients and also for myself. we begin For to to a very great extent by looking at the gut. You know this this whole like microbiome. Air medicine is something that i think is really important when it comes to healing that's one component another component would be the idea that your genes are not your destiny ride there. There's this idea of epa genetics and our dna's response in the environment so when you're getting salivary tasks or you're finding out what your risks might be remember that your genes are simply indicating that you might be holding a stick of dynamite. That predisposes you to something like colon. Cancer or type two diabetes or something like that but that empowers you to be able to tweak and adjust everything from your nutrition to your supplementation to your exercise to be able to To to make customized changes to what you're doing based on your dna. So i take dna and the customization of someone's exercise plan and nutrition plan into account when it comes to to healing a the. The next thing that i think about quite a bit is a water. A lot of people really don't focus on the fact that roughly two thirds of the human body is made up of water and water has been thought of in the past as some type of mechanical interface. But we know you know primarily based on the research of fellows like dr gerald paula. Who's been previous podcast guest of mine that the capabilities of water in the consideration of water in terms of the importance of healing is profound. There's this idea of a fourth phase of water and so very into everything from harnessing bio photons of light To to drinking water that is clean and pure and mineral enhanced and structured and i would be another component that i that i really focus on. That might be a little bit unique. I am also very very much into marrying the neurobiology and intelligence of plants in two in the healing the body whether that would be plant based medicines or wide variety of plants and herbs and spices. I think that you know as as you probably know. If listening you know the majority of our pharmaceuticals a really derived from plant matter. And and i am convinced that we have barely been tapped into as a human species the enormous healing potential of the wide variety of created plant matter. That's around us. And i'm constantly looking into how plants show memory and learning and adaptation and a lot of other traits. That can be harnessed. Help to heal us very very similar to sunlight and photo bio modulation in the use of red light and then the fact that the human body is a battery as you can read about in books like you know. Jerry tenants Book think it's called healing voltage or robert bekker's booked body electric on constantly looking at the human body as a battery and how water and electrolyte and urging grounding and sunlight and heat and cold and the like helped to charge that battery. And i think that's a very very important off neglected component of recovery and healing that goes far beyond modern medicine fitness. And just eating a healthy diet. So that's another thing. That that i that i we've in is the importance of sunlight Another thing that sire g talks about in his book regenerate that. I'm also fully on board with. Is you know the the new quantum mechanics of biology. The idea that everything from you know photons that might not be able to be measured But yet have a profound impact on the human body are something that we really haven't learned about and there are books like the quantum doctor for example that just get into the power of things like emotions and thoughts and beliefs an electromagnetic fields and photons to be able to be something that affects the human body either for good or for ill so quantum biology is something that i also taking. Great date take take into account from from probably early early on in the days. When i began to follow the writings of guys like jack cruise you know and have just been steeped in in considering quantum biology as well when it comes to enhancing the body or enhancing the mind. So you know that that that book regenerate would-be one perfect example of you know my take on healing overall subtitle. That book is unlocking your body's radical resilience through the new biology. I'm also a big fan of stacking a lot of modalities when it comes to healing like i'm not. I'm not a physician. I don't want any of this to be misconstrued. His medical advice when people ask me for example about something like Like like cancer you know. And i'll of course get many resorts like Like the moss reports website which has a host of comprehensive downloadable reports on alternative remedies for a wide variety of cancers very helpful site Books written by by a doctor named dr nasha winters. And also dr thomas callan. I found both of those authors to be incredibly helpful when it comes to tackling cancer books like nasha winters the metabolic approach to cancer or the cancer revolution Both wonderful wonderful resources..

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