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That's where I I gave my speech in front of a group for the the Saturday night service of High School Ministry that had ten twelve people come into it, and then also there was that that quality which was a blessing curse that everything was so. So well polished in some ways. It Disneyland it was very plastic and artificial and unapproachable. You couldn't. You couldn't play in big church. Big Church was scripted and timed and down to the minute, but you could. You could go to mini street. Where Mariners bought a block of Santa, Anna decided to do like. Poverty Redevelopment mission and it was just vailable. You could play with foster kids with royal family. Kids can't canteen. Leadership can, and so there was lots of stuff on the outskirts, too. Yeah, just get my feet wet. Never kind of context imagine it was just a big big wide playground. Generalize a playground without a place to play sometimes. Go to Santa Anna's. That was untouchable. That was that was perfect. That was. Yeah, but then so you grew up in the height basically. Of the largest yet lesser known megachurches yet, but certainly filled with affluence with all of those things around you. And yet you are here and people look at your name, and they say Reverend Ryan Gaffe made. You ended up going into a traditional mainstream denomination, which will almost in many ways be seen as the opposite of what you grew up in. That's reversal of where the trends are going Ryan. Bockel me. It's been a long journey certainly. I fancied myself as having a in ECLECTIC church experience I came to mariners by way of a deep south, pentecostal spirit filled church that was my early upbringing, and then I went and I had my children's ministry, Youth Group Les Children's Ministry and Full Youth Group and you through volunteering experience there at the mega church, and then I went from there to Concordia University discovered for the first time. People have opinions about doctrine and theology, and they. Those opinions matter to them. They talk about them. Intellectually. That was a period and during that time is when I started to. Find that. Leadership was available that I could be a small group leader. Mariners are I could be youth pastor at a at a small, Methodist Church that there were just more vacuums more vail ability for and more need, frankly for people like me, who were starting out at the smaller churches and mariners with its high salaries and attractiveness was attracting the best of the best and I won that yet. So so that's where I got started in that community, and then took a big detour through Inter, varsity. Tell me Concordia Lutheran School in. It's not really a mainstream. jellicoe world as well, but you ended up going instead of becoming convinced by the Lutherans. How did you end up being a Presbyterian the frozen chosin? Well I you know I got connected with Irvine? Presbyterian Church Irvine Presbyterian. Church was associated with my high school. My Alma Mater Woodbridge High School. They did a ministry. They're called. Jesus pizza where every Friday they. Provided better pizza for a better price than the cafeteria did and found that there was a college ministry there that was doing. Doing real stuff doing depth Bible. Study that engaged scholarship, and that talked about things as if we weren't kids anymore and weren't weren't needing another review of the basics of the faith or the essentials of salvation, and that was when I first got connected with the. Presbyterian church I never intended for that to be a big lifelong commitment thing, but I I seem to keep falling back. AM. Let's put this in some more sociological categories. It's easy for me to default into church stories because Baba's one of those who was a pastor at the big mega church, but I my roots or starting little churches, and in growing those kind of from scratch, but that was my experiences. I am a classic baby boomer and when we talked in. Preparation for this. Coming to San Canyon Church by the way back in the area where I was rebelling against my parents. Religiosity I would come with Johnny to San Kanye Church. You were planted. Well there. We had lead some fun at the church. But let's talk about you. As the millennial for listeners get confused about those generational categories, which is easy to do I'm the baby boomer. And then there were the Gen xers, and we got around to the millennials born around nineteen, eighty-one, ninety, six, and now we talk about the Gen Z., but. Explained to me as a millennial one who's gotten a bit more academic and reflective, some of those big categories that you see being different than your parents, and and then then WanNa. Pick on, you know what it was like to grow up with parents that were of my generation, but start out. What's a millennial? What's that mean to you? Well I I mean I. Often end up in these kind of conversations giving the the token millennials perspective most of the leaders in. The churches around me are at least ten years older, usually, twenty or thirty and I'm I'm the guy who walks into the room and they asked me if I'm the youth pastor, I, say no I you know I'm the pastor, but everybody in all these churches wants to attract the baliles. They want to figure out what are. We gotta do to get the millennials in the. And so I ended up talking a lot about that I. think a lot of talking about Baloney. Heels begins with talking about. How much we don't actually know how much how much we think we know when we're wrong about for one thing who were using the word millennials. You did a good job of defining it. You know ending with those born in ninety six. We most of the time. We're talking about all these millennials these days were we're using it as a kind of synonym. For young whippersnappers. And the oldest millennials are forty now. The youngest have already graduated college on time. There are no more millennials and college was their Gi bill or something, and there's another generation after Z. that are already in sixth grade, and we haven't even realize they exist yet. So so a lot of times we're talking about churches trying to catch up to this next generation and this next generations already to behind..

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