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Up Thanks for being with us today I'm Jeff Brown and here's what's happening. A defiant President Trump Tackles Corona virus head on with a promise to be back on the campaign trail, sooner the greatest country in the world. We're going back. We're going back to work. We're gonna be out front. But the president shuts off the money with a message on Twitter. He calls off all talks on more than a trillion dollar compromise financial aid package, CBS News correspondent Steve Dorsey says the president wants Capitol Hill instead to zero in on an empty seat in a Siri's of tweets. President Trump says he told his top aides to shelve talks with house You're Nancy Pelosi on a Corona virus stimulus bill until after the election, he says he's asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to instead focus on confirming his Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Cockney Barrett. In recent days, Pelosi had been negotiating another relief package with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. Maybe not calling off all talks in an overnight tweetstorm. The president does leave the door open for carve out bill that would send most Americans another $1200 government check. Stimulus check could be on the way soon pending. Lawmakers approval. The president's doctor says he is showing no symptoms of Corona virus and his recovery continues to be on the right path. And with Election Day now less than four weeks away, an impatient patient Says he's ready to hit the campaign trail again and making plans to see Joe Biden once again next week. President Trump on Twitter says he plans to attend the second presidential debate scheduled for next Thursday, October 15th in Miami, the president writing quote, it will be great. The debate is taking place exactly two weeks from the day Mr Trump tested positive for Corona virus. His doctors have not said publicly when he'd be able to get back out on the trail. But his campaign tells ABC President's intention is to debate Joe Biden next week. Karen Travers. ABC NEWS Washington Biden, Meantime, says the debate should not happen if the president is still contagious. Tonight. Eyes west to Salt Lake City, where the vice presidential debate takes center stage and ABC News correspondent Soran Shot tells US v P Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris will go at it. And they're only face to face of the campaign. But 12 FT Apart. Commission of Presidential Debates honoring here's his request for Plexi Glass after President Trump scene with Pence last week tested positive for Kobe 19. And his team saying it Senator Harris wants to use a fortress around herself have at it Caress his team shooting back in a tweet that Pence is in charge of the Kobe 19 task force and should be advocating for a two But Pence his team flip flopping all day now, saying they're open to having Plexi glass in front of both candidates during the debate, and remember, you can hear tonight's debate Live on W. B. C news radio. It starts at nine o'clock. It's also streaming on the eye, hard radio app. Doing a house call at his alma mater, Dr Anthony thought e speaks to students at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. The virtual discussion covers all things Corona virus, including the Rose Garden event at the White House. To introduce Judge Amy Cockney Barrett is the Supreme Court nominee. That event thought to be the source of a spread of Corona virus in the West Wing on Capitol Hill. And at the Pentagon. 6 33 out to the roads. Now we checked the highways with Lori Grandi. It's the Subaru retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes, Lawrence, you're brought to us by the 99 restaurants. Well, Jeffrey, we have some problems still, for 95 South bound. The good news is they did clear that crash, but traffic continues to be slow going from route 28. 93 also watch out for delays North on expressway jammed East Mills where to Columbia Road is going to check now the downtown with Krista Neck in the mob for insurance copter has gotten worse in the Tobin Bridge laureate is now back down the Chelsea side as you try to get up through the work zone and up towards the center's fan. Keep in mind. We have the lane split that happens back in the Chelsea Esseker. So you pick out of the left lane or the right line. That'll ever down Ramps all jammed up in the beginning. It lets loose for a little bit, but then you're backed up at the U. N getting onto Storrow Drive. Also, keep in mind this morning. We have a three alarm house fire over 30 for Buckingham Street, Cambridge. There are a lot of adjacent streets nearby that are shut down. Kristen offering insurance copter Already. Couple of crashes 95 South on There's one by Route one in Peabody. There's a crash there. Also in Peabody won 28 North bound A crash at room 1 14 still dealing with the car that went off the road 95 north in north Attleboro, by 1 50 to Lori Granny, doubly busy traffic on the three sneaking up on sunrise here in Boston, and.

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