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I still do spotify so I don't feel like I'm. Trying to hold onto something I just never got rid of it. You know. I mean still there. For me like listen to Sirius Xm for the stuff that I don't have in my collection. into learn about new vans. Yeah. Exactly. Not GonNA, win about new bands if you're just listening to all of your old stuff but. Still I want to you know I'm not gonNA throw away my crap you know. All right. So getting back to Mahindra before everybody's like get back to the film already. Hey it's us. We tend to do this. Go figure this we re title this Digression Theater Pretty Much. Yeah. because. That's what we do. Let's see what else so. Lynch was told by. That the cut needed to be eight minutes for a two hour time slot. But but his Co. was around two hours and five minutes. Yeah. His he was trying to talk them into a three hour time slot. Yeah. Which I think mash has done and maybe the thornbirds has done and that's about it. It's not a new miniseries David. Minutes. You realize that that is thirty two minutes of commercials. Yes, for two hours. Yeah. was. Apparently that just frustrated him to no end. So he had an idea to cut that into to make the first part the pilot. But ABC insistent on the eight minute version. ABC Suck it and he felt that was a nightmare and then of course, ABC never calls him or spoke to him about the eight minute version. Called other people to tell him about it that he. And he finds out about when he's in the bathroom getting ready get on a plane. It's it's not going to happen I. looked at it. He makes the comment like, yeah it was getting I was like. Taking a leak before I got on the plane taking before. I. Got in the car to go to the airport like he couldn't just say I. was getting a just before I got on the plane he's. Taking a leak. I Love David Lynch's honesty mid Western who knows how this how this works he's just given the straight story, right? I see what you did there. Thank you very much. Thank you. Lynch keeps flirting with TV despite his bad experiences because he loves the continuing story aspect he likes continues three aspect, but it's hard because you know one person can't direct all of those episodes. Yeah, and so you know. Any other directors going to put their own flavor on it so While he sometimes likes that idea sometimes it's hard to give that up. Yeah. Because he just loves the idea that this story can just go on and on and on. Which is Probably why he did things like The cliffhanger with Cooper and Bob. And then. Laura Palmer scream at the end of. Three three. Just, to keep it going. Right, just the story continues with or without him, it's almost like. You know maybe there's some sort of other dimension in. Or David Lynch movies give. Wes Craven's new nightmare or the dark half where your character lives even though you're not writing it anymore. Welcome to another dimension. That'd be that'd be interesting. Yeah. You're a fan of this show. So I thought I'd mentioned this. Lynchfield that on the air which ABC, cancelled after three episodes he was very dismissive on the air not happy about that..

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