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Huge plus Schalken rage for the South Korean women secretly filmed in changing rooms couple for one. When I first saw the chat room, I was a social. My mind went blank, and I started crying and the March of the fall. Armyworm continues its reached India and could cause havoc. I, the news. BBC news McDonald Hulo there's been confusion in. Zimbabwe is the main opposition party the, MDC tried to hold. A news conference to, give an account of forty calls the rigging of the. Election results riot police at first tried to break. Up, the event Police said said to have climbed down and let the meeting go ahead the MDC, leader Nelson Chamisa says he has evidence of electoral malpractice the largest independent election. Observer mission in Zimbabwe. Says the official presidential poll results broadly tally with its. Own findings it's greed with the electoral board that the incumbent Emmerson Mnangagwa won the most votes although it couldn't definitely. Confirm whether or not there should have been a runoff As many as twenty people are feared dead in a suicide attack on a mosque in eastern Afghanistan it's unclear who carried out the attack over the Islamic state group has targeted the Shia minority in, the past sure Sharifi reports from Kabul up to five hundred people had gathered to attend the Friday prayer. Congregation that Hajra has sun shade mouse in the. Provincial capital Gardez Abdullah Ashrat packed your provincial spokesperson told the BBC as the people were leaving two attackers wearing burqas managed. To enter the mosque, and immediately started shooting at worshippers and I witnessed all the BBC one attacker. Was shot dead by mosque security but the other managed to get. Inside the mosque itself where worshippers had taken, the future from the shooting detonating explosives killing and wounding many including. Some children the UN is condemned an era attack on a hospital in the Yemeni, port of data which killed numerous civilians on Thursday the Saudi led coalition which Is fighting who he rebels in, Yemen has denied any involvement in the incident adding that none of its aircraft in the vicinity at the time of the attack imaging folks reports l. thorough hospital is Yemen's largest and one of the country's few functioning cholera treatment centres on Thursday it and the streets around it were hit the UN says, aid workers on the ground have confirmed multiple deaths and injuries as the fight for control of Hudeda intensifies. Cholera cases are rising again and the World Health. Organization is warning that Yemen could be on the brink of a new cholera epidemic it has called for a ceasefire to, allow vaccinations to take, place The World Health. Organization says the, current outbreak of A Bola, in eastern Congo began with the death of a sixty five year old woman. In manga hospital about thirty, kilometers from the city of Benny the WHO says seven members of our immediate family also died the UN. Healthy agency says there are also several cases in neighboring Tunari crossings World news from the BBC. This is WNYC in New York I'm Richard Hake governor Cuomo is pledging to introduce legislation that would remove the death penalty from, state law the democrat, made the announcement after pope Francis decreed the death penalty unacceptable under all circumstances New York's highest court ruled capital punishment unconstitutional in two thousand four but the law is still on the books WNYC. Is conducted an, unofficial survey of what Williamsburg residents. Think about a. Series of council bills to regulate, hit ride hailing services like Uber and lift and the results are not positive with locals facing, next year's, l. train shut down most riposte to the year long cap on the number of vehicles in. The city Williamsburg resident at Uber user Tom wild says the city should be expanding options not limiting them the city needs to be encouraging.

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