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Solutions. And way started working on system. That more be able to connect to the financial system in Venezuela and people would be able to pay directed. Crypto wore combat directly to Mars Bay to the merchants in embodiment, so I started working on their pride I actually started doing some tasked with credit card we. Prayed for for a few credit card Ross the biggest switcher Venezuela. That is the system that interconnects different PEO-, S and the banks. And I'm Greg Guard they have like eighty six percent of the market and Minnesota we start doing tests, but because we are advancing on Sundays. That's were I. Basically Start to research on the legal context of what was happening on the instrument I'm more research that I that do I find that. Because of what is happening on the streets that is basically being blackmailed by the corrupt cops. We are not the developing solutions that. People are not developing solutions or potential solutions that could be developing Minnesota that are needed in Minnesota that Iran phases China just here in the US are in being done, because it's not possible to actually implement them at scale so at the same time. I realize okay. This is not something that probably I would be able to cope myself even through a really bad on me, but this is something that goes way John is because there is this opportunity over here even if we are not able to develop this bi system, we are going to basically eliminate the cockatiel controls, if grip the conscious out because you have the capital controls. Prohibit you actually exchange your boy Myers to two dollars that are not in an official way, if out of and you allow private money, you're basically allow the access to the international market, and you are at the same time. Allow to winning a pro-eu been developing cryptocurrency to be basically.

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