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On the tipster line. 2484236 w W J IN the W W J 24 hour traffic center. I'm Katie W. W. J NEWS radio 9 15 to look at the W W. J and AccuWeather forecast with meteorologist Brian Thompson today will be a hot day with a mostly sunny skies a high near 90 As we get through tonight, we'll clear to partly cloudy sky a low down to 68 as the other tomorrow and Tuesday. It will be very warm and more humid. With a partly sunny sky. There will be a thunderstorm in spots each day I approaching 90 again tomorrow. Tuesday's high 80 eight's as Gettinto Wednesday remaining warm and humid, Lots of sunshine. The chance for a thunderstorm High 86. It heats up even more into third stepped a 91 with a mix of sun and clouds, and it will stay fairly human as well. I thank you, but the meteorologist Brian Thompson, on W. W. J. D is ready at 9 50. 69 Degrees and Sunshine a metro reports 68 degrees downtown. W W. J News time is 9 40 When these famous four for four is heating up with the new, spicy, crispy chicken sandwich, the queen of spices delivering that spicy chicken you love with lettuce and mayo between two deliciously soft buns and yes, in classic for For For fashion, you could get all that spicy goodness would spicy crispy nuggets, fries and a drink to cool off? All for just four bucks. Is it getting hot in here? Or did Wendy's just deliver the hottest deal in fares? Food we got offer includes four piece nuggets junior fright value during price participation. A very one of the region's largest Ford stores is bringing the heat. Get ready to say that Lindsey board they've saved their best offers of the year for their summer sales event, Escape Explorer and Expedition. We've got more than anyone off and don't forget. There's 0% financing.

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