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Iowa State They've got two, including the loss in the Big 12 championship game, Toge Loma, but you see with slow and steady. They beat the teams they had to beat. They beat ranked teams and finish the season undefeated. So in my opinion, it should have been You know you want it? Let's just go real quick. One through four Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State. Notre Dame at five was Texas saying them and it's six was Oklahoma because they won the big 12 conference. But again, they had two losses, so I would say it at least. Number six should be the bear cats. A Zafar is the college football playoffs. I understand There's a lot of argument for Ohio State. They only played six games. It's a limited resume. Right we haven't seen alive is the state's best football. But if I if I were to ask you, Bob, like if you're not familiar with us, and you just said Of these four teams. Which one beat too. Top 15 teams during the season. Just if you thought about it. I've go the Alabama immediately, but the answer is all of them. The answers, all of them all of them beat top 15 team. Okay, and Ohio State is one of those with beating Indiana who was at the time ranked number nine and the northwestern, the Big 10 championship game has ranked 14th. Notre Dame beat Clemson and they beat North Carolina. Clemson, then beat Notre Dame. But they also beat North Carolina. Alabama's beaten everybody that's gotten in their way, and by a lot They beat Texas saying them they beat Florida the national in the S E. C championship game, and they were a That was a top 10 matchup, actually one versus seven, But my point is, if you look at the resume Don't look at the number of games. Just look at who they beat analyzed. He can't control that. They only played six games. They had the cove in 19 through. They haven't had the opportunity to practice with all of their players the way they should I still think Ohio State's footballs is their best football is in front of him. But then again, they don't have a whole lot of time to figure it out, either because they got clumps and coming exactly. We're gonna talk a little bit more about that. Coming up at 7 35 coach Bill Conley from the best Buckeye coverage will join us on that will go over that in detail. That's right. The basketball Buckeyes. Also, if we go to the hardwood, they bounced back from their loss to produce their rank 20th of the country. The outdoors U. C L A on Saturday. In the CBS Sports Classic 77 to 70 Dwayne Washington Jr led the way with 14 points, but it was Eugene Downtown Brown. That's the nickname they were giving him during the game hit back to back threes late in the second half. They gave the Buckeyes the lead for good. Ohio State Improves to six and one They get back in the Big 10 player to face a tough Rutgers team on Wednesday. This Buckeye Football update from Anthony Thomas Chocolate Buckeyes. Ohio State. They won their fourth straight Big 10 championship Saturday. With a 22 to 10 win over Northwestern Trace sermon went nuts. He carried the box literally to victory rushing 29 times for 331 yards and two touchdown, setting both a big 10 championship rushing record and in Ohio State single game rushing record. Ohio State finishes the regular season at six and No Sunday night football. It was all about the Cleveland Browns. They improved it 10 and four with a 22 6 win over the Giants. Baker Mayfield was 27 of 32 for 297 yards and two touchdowns. He also lie The Browns on to touch down to 95 yard scoring drives. Cleveland could get into the playoffs next week with a win over the Jets and a little bit of help. It'll be their first playoff appearance since 2000 to Monday night Football. That's tonight. The 11 and two Steelers They battle the 2 10 and one Cincinnati Bangles the Steelers. They can clinch the F C North title with a win Tonight. Kickoff is at 8 15 from the central Ohio Honda Dealer. Sports Desk. My campaign a.

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