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Total of sixty small satellites packed into its nose cone which will eventually be moved into separate orbits they're gonna be part of this big satellite network called starlink a SpaceX's a building of course to provide high speed internet service around the world that's what they say SpaceX plans to launch thousands more of those satellites over the next few years former Republican congressman Steve knight has announced his plans to run in that special election early next year in the hopes of winning back the northern Los Angeles county seat that he lost last year Democrat Katie hill of course resigning from her job just over a week ago a minute a sex scandal night now joins a growing field of other Republicans and many Democrats were either already running for the seat or have shown interest in getting into the race democratic presidential candidate tells you get Gabbard will be speaking at a big of veterans day observances outside the memorial Coliseum ten o'clock this morning and holding a town hall event center near LA acts starting at six this evening and of course a lot of veterans day events around southern California we'll be talking a little bit more about that coming up in just a few minutes at six twenty your money now sponsored by opus bank good morning Frank tech good morning we'll be joined in saluting the veterans and thanking veterans for their service this morning the stock market is open as usual today it is a federal holiday so of banks and post offices will be closed today the bond market also close when we are ready to kick things off on Wall Street as usual just about ten minutes from now the Dow stands at an all time high this morning all the other major averages at record highs but looks like we're set for a bit of a pull back here with the Dow futures point lower by about a hundred points nervousness about what's happening in Hong Kong rattling the markets today sure is declining in Asia as investors watch for the latest developments on Hong Kong as well as the U. S. trying to trade dispute on going also a Chinese E. commerce giant Alibaba making big news over the weekend the merchants on this platform selling twelve billion dollars worth of goods in just the first hour or what they called singles day in China the marketing event that.

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