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Rodriguez. Les Moonves says won't be getting his one hundred twenty million dollars. Former CEO of this company CBS is being denied severance after an investigation into sexual misconduct charges correspondent Eureka Dunkin. The board determined that it had grounds to terminate for 'cause finding that moon vez had violated company policy and had been in breach of his contract. They also accused him of willful failure to cooperate fully with the investigation. Invest lawyer calls the decision for ordained and without merit. This is sentencing day for President Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia CBS's. Steven Portnoy that he's cooperated with their investigations. Prosecutors have recommended that the former national security adviser not serve any time in prison. But last week the special counsels team. Made a point of stressing in court papers, how Michael Flynn chose to lie to the FBI when he claimed he didn't talk about US sanctions with the Russian ambassador Flynn's lawyers noted the agents never warned him of the consequences of lying. Flynn told the same lie to the press and the vice president resulting in his firing in February of last year. Russia is responding to to new Senate reports that find pervasive meddling in the 2016 election. The Kremlin says they lacked detail calling the findings part of a politically motivated anti Russia campaign. They show Russian. Trolls used Facebook YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to sway the outcome in favor of President Trump to Chicago police officers are dead after they were hit by a train the train come to a screeching stop. And it was like wow police superintendent Eddie Johnson says officers Edwato marmolejo and Conrad Gary we're chasing someone headed toward the tracks. As they responded to report of gunshots on the city's south side. Brave. Young man were. Consumed with identifying a potential threat to their community and put the safety of others above their on. Johnson says one person is in custody the family of a high school student in Covington Georgia is suing sheriff's deputies who body slammed fourteen year old Aasa Glenn to the ground after he stole a candy bar from school vending machine. His mom says her son was afraid for his life is just wrong. It's just wrong. There was no fighting no other altercations. It was a matter of us a bar another student at alcove e high recorded the incident on a cell phone Aasa admits he was part of a group of kids who grabbed candy when someone opened the machine s and p futures are up nine.

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