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Davey Garcia though to me is still the most egregious example of this, just because people are being like, mom's the word around Davy, but people are pretty confident that the team made a tweak to him this off season to increase velocity that has thrown off everything about what he does. I agree with much of what Matt Blake is accomplished. You look at the guys, even the reclamation projects midseason that he's been able to turn around like clay Holmes and like all the starters who he taught to change up to. And like what he did with James and tayo. Clearly, there's something there, but whatever they did, whether it came from blaker with a came from somebody else, did Davey Garcia has missed entirely with what he is as a pitcher, not everybody needs high vlo to work. It's not like he showed us he was infallible at the end of 2020. He was actually quite bad when the season wrapped. That started Fenway blew his ERA up to 4.98. So it's not like we're talking about somebody who was perfect and couldn't handle a little bit of tweaking. But then again, if you're trying to coax max villo at a DV Garcia, then you've lost the plot a little bit. So he is, of those players, the most lost, but you've certainly ended up with a situation where they tried to shop Luke voigt at the deadline. He started for two weeks and proved they shouldn't have done that. And then he got benched, and now he looks again like a guy who they're gonna have to convince someone to take him if they want someone to pay full price for him. The better solution is keeping it. The better solution is Davy Garcia being good, but you're certainly talking about two players who are less valuable than they were in both mid August and at the end of 2020. And that's thanks to the way that the Yankees have handled them. Yeah, and I think that I think that obviously bad decisions mostly all around here..

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