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Hey away fans. This is a little bit of an impromptu discussion that a g. l. Listen gil from muller. She wrote in the daily beans and i had a couple of days ago testing out a new platform for live. Qna we didn't really get a lot of cues but as always whenever a g get together. There are a lot of as so we thought we would bring you this as a little bit of extra content over the holidays a little bit of a bonus earn gift to you and i hope you enjoy augean. I kind of talking about the news. Hey how're you. Andrew torres from opening arguments. I am wonderful. How are you alison gill from muller. She wrote in the daily beans. I am fantastic. Our you well. Here's what i was just recording his show and we were just wrapping up. The good news just finished talking to cathy griffin and bam noticed notice on my phone. And it's funny. Because i say on the show. This just came across my desk. Like i get paid a catt. I guess. and it's pardoned palooza. Part second part four maybe part three and well. We went back on the air for another five minutes so i could jam the segment into the show for tomorrow morning. But that list of pardons is ridiculous it is and it's worth pointing out right as with everything. Donald trump. this is not normal. This is not the way it is supposed to be. And the those of us who were you know of of slightly advanced ears but like might remember That literally on his last day in office. Bill clinton pardoned marc rich A bunch of other really questionable controversial personal pardons of absolutely. I mean let. Let's be clear about this. Zero chance that those pardons would have issued Had al gore won that had had al gore been declared the winner of the two thousand presidential race night slate. Their lawyer lawyerly precision on that. But but look like this used to be the and also i mean. Let's let's be clear at this. Clinton pardon of march re of mark rich was corrupt. It was wrong. That's not what the purpose of the pardon is And it used to be. We agreed in a bipartisan way. That the point of the presidential pardon and of the clemency power was to demonstrate mercy where the process of justice had run roughshod over. It is why there is a separate. Doj there is an office of the pardon attorney The trump has never met with right. Rosalyn sergeant burn. She's the first african american woman ever to occupy the office and.

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