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So that's what they're battering ends right we'll look at gets can translate in fact let's look at it right now this is these are this is the ear buds that come with his this this is actually really interesting so apples air pods are a arguably a big part of the iphone because there's no headphone jack you can tap them to use siri but this is googles version of this bluetooth air buds air bluetooth ear buds than ever string that's just too you know i think actually smart because the air possible easy to use you can also loop them over your ear looks like which means it keeps them your no you can't that's the goal at m input on the inherit eurozone that's bitter stay on no the loop inside your ears good because that means though that snow i like that that actually because in the night held against their reserve very strange ears or we'll see who will work with anything i immediately ordered them 'cause i the they immediately ordered the thing that most excites me is the demonstration they did of translation real time oh my gosh kidd was like at least show that people yeah his that was i was like maczek it is so great car socket molly we came he also noam ira a google let me just to do the google keynote and the watch google to event in nineteen minutes i bet you somewhere this is the verges cut down of it i bet you somewhere in the nineteen minutes we're going to find.

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