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Fultz. Kind that should be on my tombstone. He wouldn't on facebook but he would let alone must drill his brain. I thought I thought it was going to be are you knocking fats but? I think that might be on to both of those either one of those. So Stacey I'm glad we got you back because I. Think you probably of all of us. Have the best understanding of the brain machine interface. Well, Stacey is going to turn herself into an Iot no no. So I would never do this although. I don't think the risk versus the reward here is compelling and I say that because the ability to access information is going to become less valuable over time and that's basically what this is at giving you. Now, we all have you know we all take a moment and keep our brain on Google like how many times have you talked about that, right? So or how you know? You're talking to somebody and you're like Oh. What was the name of that? Okay. That's not where the value is going to come in. So that's one. So I think risk versus reward I do think. The process is interesting because deep neural stimulation is becoming such an interesting area in the medical world for things like Parkinson's treatment and Migraine, treatment actually there's some potential there but. Really don't come from Elon Musk. So those are the things that what I saw this almost like this could be really compelling especially as a mechanism for. Real healthcare into the brain. By there already and by the way. Quickly it was pointed out that neural link is not doing anything that a number of other research institutions are doing and in many cases doing better and a more advanced way, and that is exactly one of the benefits they talk about a tetraplegic began type forty words a minute just by thinking and it's that kind of empowering technology. That would be amazing. Not. So much me thinking on the beach and Portofino. because I have a thing in my head. You saw the guy who lost his arm and unplugged A. Bigger Raspberry Pi into the socket and music. Brain that's nice. You can do that. So the BBC asked a number of scientists the UK's Science Media Centre. they put out a press release quoting professor Andrew Jackson no relation from he's a professor of neural interfaces at Newcastle University. I don't think there was anything revolutionary in the presentation he said, but they are working through engineering challenges placing multiple electrodes into the brain. In terms of that technology one, thousand, twenty four channels is not that impressive these days but the electronics raise them ray relay them wirelessly is state of the art and the robotic implantation is nice. The biggest. That's what I said. Just like stacy. I just don't have a British accident degree. This is solid engineering but mediocre neuro science some said. Elon Musk's. When asked? Why isn't this peer reviewed said well. Well. We have time. It's silicon. Valley. People. We had a control I have no no his answer. was I have no peer. I have no peer who would review it. I'm the third richest man on earth how the hell did that happen isn't that amazing isn't that amazing? Scott Galloway's laughing. The Big Dog Elon. Musk responded with a tweet of course. It's unfortunate like common for many in academia to overweight the value of ideas and underweight bringing them to fruition. Good Point for example, is the idea of going to the moon. The idea is trivial but going to the moon is hard. So, I, don't know he also some with them on that I got to give him credit for that because a that's. A fancy way saying there's a whole lot of talkers and not a lot of do worse yeah yeah. So. Ilan's doing some look I, think I do hope. Always wanted. Something like this at some point and you're right Stacey I simply for accessibility for empowering technology this would be amazing. Imagine Stephen Hawking instead of having to. Type into. Some sort of interface being able to call you played the hocking card. Okay. All right. Right. And I think it'd be nice to be able to you know go to the beach in my head but and I do think this happen eventually. So these are the first steps. You know we would've we would've mocked a lot of the first steps in. You know personal computing. I to say Elon off often over cells things. But you know that's that's gone. I. Think he's. I know he's a great huckster. But he's also done some really good stuff. Is the third richest man in the world how that Al that happen? Stock Splits my friends stock splits. Money it is. It's just it isn't paper gained. And you know to credit he took all the money made in pay pal, which is initial fortune. Sunken into wrist a crazy idea to do electric vehicles So and you know he deserves whatever he gets I think deserve their. Yeah. He's worth more than than Zuckerberg? which is. Wow. That's big money hundred eleven, billion dollars. But that's still almost just half what jeff basis is worth. So Jeff bezos delivers a lot more than us. Yeah. The Central Avenue Tesla literally I had a tesla. Yeah you're right. It is literal F Jeff Bezos does literally deliver. All right actually. Now normally this time of the show we would do the change log but now we're going to do the immoral panic log. Because I'm excited about some of the things on the line. Are we still going to do? Yes. Of course we are okay. He's making a bad joke jeff has provided. With five fabulous stories on moral panic. Just, for you stacey the, we'll we'll covered quick. Instead of the horns, that's what we need. We Need Jeff's doing his what what Jeff. What go what what? What? What what? Hell I need. What? Stacey. ooh Ooh Jeffco's what what what echoes Jeff. At PRUITT and I'm here to say the time to come Tyco go where's May drink. My Booze. Just, go. Government public information advertising has been a staple of British life for many years. We didn't do the moral panic. This is it oh, the moral panic over misinformation. Are you just. My only supposed to read the headline..

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