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I don't know, it's just really strange. It just it just ended up here. And I mean, zodiac is something I've been fascinated with for decades. I used to live in San Francisco. I'd read gray smith's book, which is not the most accurate book, but it's a very good book in terms of readability. Nothing beats that book. And yeah, right before the pandemic started, I was working on a book about the sky named Francois January. And January was one of the worst people who's ever lived. He was a Swiss financier of terror. He was a Nazi. He was a literary age. Well, he wasn't legally a Nazi because he was Swiss and you couldn't be a Nazi, but he worked for the German intelligence agencies. After the war, he was the literary agent for the Nazi high commands. Literary estates. And then he was kind of instrumental in the founding of algier and then he got kicked out because they found him intolerable. But he had made a bunch of contacts in the Middle East. And so he became the financier of a lot of the terrorism of the 1970s and the 1980s. Well, how did you get how did you get on to him then? I mean, they come from. There's a documentary that is called terrorist advocate by this French director by barbaric Schroeder, my French is terrible. And it's about a guy who is the lawyer that represented all of these terrorists and, as mentioned in the film, because you knew paid for a legal defense of all of these terrorists. Anyway, it's a really, you know, I could go on about this for hours, but the thing about Juno is it's this very strange marriage of far left terrorism and Nazi money. And it seemed like a great book. But then the pandemic happened. And the Swiss archive shut down. So then I had a couple of other ideas. None of which I was able to bring to fruition. And then I decided I wanted to write about zodiac because I'd always been fascinated by it. And because, you know, and I give full credit to the people online, there has been a pretty active zodiac community for about 25 years. And they have collated so much information about zodiac that it gives you a way of thinking about how to dive in. And I mean, I ended up having to go back to as many original sources as I could, and so the idea was not to write how to find zodiac, the idea was to write its companion book, which ended up being called motor spirit, which is a straightforward history of the case. But in the process of doing that research, I stumbled across a name. And the more that I found out about that name, the more it became clear that there would have to be a second book, which is what turned into how to find zodiac. So hang on to that thought, Jared and Steve, but we got to bring back one of our favorite folks, meant I love these folks, and I'll tell you why. So what does HelloFresh? HelloFresh you get farm fresh pre portioned ingredients and seasonal recipes delivered right to your doorstep, Steve, skip the trips to the grocery store count on HelloFresh to make home cooking easy fun and affordable. That's why it's America's number one Neil kitten. Let me tell you, more than just delicious dinners, Murph. I mean, you can take your pick from 40 weekly recipes. You can choose from over a hundred items to round out your order from snacks and easy lunches to desserts and pantry necessities, everything. One box on the day you choose. You know, and here's one of the things I really like about this Morgan is you get these recipes from other people and you got to go to the grocery store and you got to buy this special spice. It's like we got to call Billy saros from the Marshalls to come in and hunt down this stuff for us. Yeah, exactly. And that's not the case with HelloFresh. They send you everything. I mean, no matter what the dish is, all of the ingredients are there in one place. Cuts down on food waste and it cuts down on making that special trip to the grocery store. Yeah, and you know what it does. And for me, I love it too, 'cause it makes dinnertime a snap. It's the deliciously easy options. They please everybody. Look, they've got fit and wholesome to pescatarian to veggie. Whatever you want, they've got, they've got a meal plant, suits your lifestyle plus. You can swap out the proteins inside. You know, and do stuff that you like. And there's an opportunity for you to save money. It's cheaper than going to the grocery store and it's 25% minimum cheaper than takeout food. Yeah, and more if I got to tell you, I did the meatloafs the other night. In fact, one of the things I love about HelloFresh is I do the cooking. So I cook the meatloaf. I'm telling you, man. I can't tell you how good I'm sorry. And I'm not saying this guys, my wife is so picky about ingredients when she loves it and she gives her stamp of approval. You know it's good. You done good, huh? Well, you know, for us, we tried the chicken garlic Parmesan spaghetti. And here's what I want to talk about all the ingredients. They send you the tomatoes. They send you the garlic, the Tuscan heat spices, the spaghetti, the cutlets, the cream cheese, the Parmesan cheese, and you know what? On the card that they send you with a recipe, there's pictures there to show you what it's supposed to look like. I'm not a chef by any means, but when you got pictures, it helps. Color within the lines, more. But guys, we go on, but I'm telling you, I'm serious. This stuff was so good. I mean, we ate three meals basically in a row, and I cooked them all. And if I cook them and my wife eats them, you know it's good. So guys, go to HelloFresh dot com slash GOC 16 and use code geo 16 for 16 free meals plus shipping. That's HelloFresh dot com slash GOC 16 and use code GOC 16 for 16 free meals plus shipping. So guys, just remember, this is why HelloFresh is America's number one meal kit. Good stuff, order it today. Here's out of order. Hey, let's get back to docking to Jared and let's go find the zodiac. Well, before we go down this thread a little farther, let me go back and talk about Francis Francois. Was there ever do you think there was ever any link between him and quote Carlos the jackal? Oh, absolutely. No, he financed Carlos's 1980s run. After massage assassinated wadi haddad, who was the head of the PFLP, which he knew was part of January was like arguably the unacknowledged third in command of the PFLP, suddenly and wadi haddad had exiled Carlos the jackal. Suddenly Carlos the jackal in the 80s becomes something like. A four higher terrorist. And Juno is the one who by all accounts. Gave him the money to stage all of these campaigns. When Carlos is the jackals girlfriend, magdalena cop gets arrested, she's arrest. And that's what sets Carlos off in the 80s and he starts bombing the shit out of France. He is arrested with a guy named Bruno, I can't remember his last name. But the only reason Carlos knows him is because he, he's Swiss, and introduced them. No, January is like someone will write that book someday. It

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