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So and it was kind of like the idea that. Oh yeah you can't go home but you also are still part of the. You're still part of the system but you can't go home but we're gonna we're gonna be here. We're gonna ask you to do things and we're gonna have this quid pro quo but You're mostly going to be on your own because you are dead your fish via dead person in the west which makes you go such makes you a shadow which makes you useful for us right now and you know we set if we bring it back home and set you up and and if we bring you back. We can't do that so we had to keep you out there so it does raise the that she that a. She's been working with someone the whole time that yes she went rogue but that you know fury had already gone rogue and as we said. We don't know that was jerry. Or tallow sue get blipped. But even if and that's the thing if fury got blipped and then tallus took over for him would have even known That blip like did people. I mean that's that's one of these things and because ferry was already offered so much maybe tell us coming in and being the fury works. Were you could just put it. Put it on the face and go in to do and then if he could utilize sharon in that way. That's beneficial you know. There's a lot of possibilities there anyway. they go to the they go to magic for they talk to someone by the name of shelby or selby selfish and she is. She's a mid level fences. They say and she knows where. Nagel wilfred nagel is i will for nato for those who read the comics is the guy who spearheaded the recreation of the super soldiers jerem wis experimenting african american soldiers after it is actually a commenting. People misunderstand weather timelines so ryan created the formula and created steve rogers. After steve rogers went to training as captain america to go be kept in america. they need. They still wanted to recreate the super jerem and without without Right hard they pass it onto nagel nagel basically took a bunch of african american soldiers and just started experimenting on them against without their knowledge consent. Or or we will end you know and to be fair. That was something that the army always did. The army was very big on experimenting on soldiers. Black and white but probably more black than white So the idea of experiment human experimentation and so this was not new and of course you know we all know about all the soldiers that were s you stand here at west this atomic bomb blasts you know let us know how you feel afterwards. Video thank you. So but he redeveloped the super soldier serum that isaiah bradley got in this situation. They're saying that someone else did that. Probably what's his name. Arnim zola solos working with him at the time. That zola was the one who would recreated zola had worked with in the past and he got that that working super soldiers samples from isaiah bradley. And of course. Because that's what he says. An american subject american tests subject You know said that. He got the blood of american test subject without sitting. it was bradley. Which one of the things that makes. Sam matt later. Yeah i mean there's a lot that goes out of that. Obviously you know we do have the whole thing. With sandy mccall soviet shots and we'll go into the ryan sharing showing up getting them he. This who sam. Sam said a samson. A spy said that nasty. You're crying out loud and soups things. This doesn't do is a venture that is unacceptable. Come on now. that's like that sets. The events are not a cold. Were not over there. Literally the guys who they're literally. I know but there's like a basic set level of skills that you have to have been i feel like you know situational awareness not anything specific to cause. That doesn't take a you know argue with you that this house but then again you also have those kind of questions of did he has off in someone else. Treasuring around me. I mean the phone shouldn't have even been there or offer something on up. You're careful that's that was so silly again. Like i said and really what it is and again. That's what goes into these weird questions of what you know. So obviously that would that would be the thing either winter soldier or zima said. Don't take your phone you know. And maybe he didn't take his phone but someone right. I know but like what would think that somebody would be that dumb. You know you don't expect well you know who knows like i said i don't know the i am. I have gotten used. Shoot not jumping to assumptions about things. I don't think anything is ever exactly what you think gets but yeah but that plays poorly and you know the on their quick run like a bunch of bitcoin if you kill them but then sharon carter kills all of them although it's weird because we see someone with a long rifle shooting them and then share shows up with pistol from another direction. Which makes you want to run that fast or does she have a backup. Person does the person with the hoodie was the person with the hoodie sharon or was that her bodyguard interesting. Or was that mockingbird. 'cause it is an interesting question all of this because there are these shield assets that are rogue. There have been road for awhile. Bobby one of them and you know they have mentioned that. There are the most wanted a few times already in the show and of course her unpicked a pilot was marvel's most wanted so maybe it'll come up. I don't know we'll see we'll see it would be a great way to read a great some of that stuff back into the Larger mcu but we do know right now that they're not working with a mouse theory. There are also not working with anything from the luke cage variations and super soldiers where they were using various animal types to influence the way that sailor reproduction works. It seems like a very straightforward sword essentially a steroid kind of concept.

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