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I believe president trump is a modern profile encourage for having the guts to do what no other american president has been willing to do and look at those who were devout jews and christians celebrate this decision because they believe what the bible says that god gave this country to israel and major roussel in the capital three thousand years ago near final thoughts frank all i can say is you know quoting john hagi who leads this evangelical zionist movement here in america which is a weird kind of zionism because his prophesied says that all the jews are going to have to be killed before jesus or when he comes back he says i believe at this point in time israel is god stop watch for everything that happens to every nation including america from until now until the rapture of the church and beyond okay this is lunacy it is driving american foreign policy we are in deep deep trouble frankly her we're gonna bring back later in the show don't go too far thank you very much so we'll be back with you shortly and coming up donald trump tries to school john lewis on sacrifice and as you might imagine it does not go well stay stay next up donald trump tours a civil rights museum in mississippi perhaps while he's there he can find john lewis's stay with us just hours after endorsing a senate candidate who said a miracle was last great during slavery is expected to make remarks at the opening of a civil rights museum and jackson mississippi not in attendance civil rights icon and democratic congressman john lewis of georgia as well as benny thompson mississippi's only black congressman both of whom are boycotting the event due to trump's participation the white house could not let this go of course in a response to the two african american democrats taking a stand against trump's record against african americans as well as immigrants muslims and in a number of marginalised communities they said this we think it's unfortunate that these members of congress wouldn't join the president in honoring the incredible sacrifice civil rights leaders made to write the injustices of.

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