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They called Disney Land. They say, how do I get the vaccine? And they say, I don't know. Well, that's not an acceptable answer. Figure it out. That's your job. Stupid fake doctor needs to have it on her damn website. They can easily figure out how to get us anything else that they want to distribute. If you want the flu shot, it's not hard. You know exactly what to do. You know exactly where to go. It's not difficult. For whatever reason. With this vaccine, they decided to let politics play a role and who gets it first, and they fiddled with it and fiddled with it and fiddled with it until they broke it. He should be fired. Absolutely 802 22 k A. B. C is the phone number 1 802 2 to 5 to two too well, we spend a lot of time talking about how uncertain the world is. Certainly Los Angeles is Justus much, if not more of a basket case as Washington D. C. Although, with the media bias, the geography bias You certainly don't hear enough about the chaos that's going on in California. You hear from Bill de Blasio every day you hear from the governor of New York every day Governor Cuomo. But whenever Gavin Newsom announced this, some new screw up here, you don't hear about it, But I'll tell you who does Wall Street and that's part of the reason that the market goes up in the market goes down. Information related to the vaccine impacts. All of that. That's why I portion of your portfolio should be in an arena being an area that's independent of all that. That, of course, is real physical gold..

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