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Sharper point, presented by Schwartz laser is center. This time of the year reminds a lot of people of a guy named Pat Tillman there's the Pat Tillman run which is this weekend. Of course. Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fired Afghanistan this week fifteen years ago. This also marks the period of time. When Pat Tillman was drafted by the cardinals. But this time of the year personally reminds me of Pat Tillman because it was right before the NFL draft of nineteen ninety eight when I first met a lot of people thought pets would never be drafted much less play in the NFL. He received the last football scholarship, awarded by ASU in nineteen Ninety-four. He was small for a major college linebacker, but may. Big plays. And was eventually voted the Pac ten defensive player of the year. Pat, shined off the field to winning multiple student athlete of the year awards penny just graduated college. When I met him early. He earned his marketing degree in three and a half years. But you'd think he had multiple degrees in philosophy history and political science because Pat Tillman was that impressive at the age of twenty one when we sat down to do our interview. There was just something about him. I I know Pat was an atheist and would scoff at the idea, but it was almost as if there were an all around him. He had a big brain wanted to use it to soak up as much as he could including from the people he met I'd say he also had a big soul. But again, Pat didn't believe in those things. So I'll just say he had a bigger than life personality that came out and quiet ways unless you face them on the football field menu. I was impressed by Pat Tillman long before he gave up millions of dollars in the NFL to sign up for the United States army before anybody even knew if he was going to be playing in the NFL. So as we celebrate the cardinals number one pick overall. Kyla Marie I'd like to step back and remember the cardinal seventh-round. Pick twenty one years ago. The two hundred twenty six pick overall in the nineteen ninety eight NFL draft, Pat Tillman a guy should have been picked number one simply for how he lived his life. Join Jim Sharpe. Jamie west Monday morning at five for Amazon is morning news on KTAR news. Recapping our top story. The Glendale dad who shot his six year old daughter yesterday near seventy Fifth Avenue in Glendale has been arrested. Police say twenty-six year old Elden mcken Ville accidentally shot the girl after cleaning his gun. The gun went off after he tripped. The six year old is in stable condition. Arizona governor Doug Ducey is refusing to remove a religious post from Twitter. Doozy is coming under fire from the secular coalition forever Zona for posting the words he is risen in a tweet on Easter Sunday. It claims the phrase, violates separation of church and state, deuce. He says on Twitter that he supports the first amendment and will never remove posts for Christmas. Hannukah or any other religious holiday the number one pick it yesterday's NFL draft has landed in the desert former Oklahoma quarterback Tyler Murray posted a tweet moments ago that the weather is great here in Phoenix. And he's ready to go and get started with the cardinals Murray is meeting with the media right now, the price hike continues at the gas pumps across Arizona gas buddy says the statewide average for regular unleaded has hit three oh nine gallon. That's twenty two cents higher than last year. At this time, the national average is two ninety one. Well, traffic was restricted for a time this morning on interstate seventeen twenty miles south of flagstaff. Arizona department of transportation says no one was injured when a big rig carrying beer crashed into a guardrail. Eight joked on Twitter that new lots of people would like to come and help clean up the mess. But thank you. The crew wasn't asking for any volunteers. It's twelve thirteen raising a child is difficult for any parent. But raising a child with a disability can feel especially isolating. That's why one valley mother created Dame's which stands for differently abled. Mothers empowerment society. KTAR's Taylor Kendra has the story is an online community there to provide self-care tools to mothers who are raising special needs children. That's Michelle Thorne. She's the mastermind behind Dame's. And she says it all started when her son and daughter who are six and three were both diagnosed with autism. She says shortly after their diagnosis, it was really hard. And I really fell into a lot of depression. Thorns says the thing that helped her most was finding yoga and other coping mechanisms which she felt the need to share with other mothers. That's what inspired thorn to create this online community with a self care that provides mental health resources for moms. These are things as simple as workout reminders yoga. You Orioles even meditation tips mother's like Rebecca Reese, whose daughter suffers. From chronic migraines. And fibromyalgia says Dame's is a lifeline she needed. With Dame's the biggest thing that I saw was that. I would get reminders. Hey, today's Monday meditation day, get up and meditate do something even five ten minutes for yourself, which thorns says is exactly why she started Dame's in the first place at things we're trying to the vied opportunities and things so that mothers can start reinvesting in themselves and mother's like gale noble, who's thirty five year old son has autism. She wishes something like games would have been around when she was raising him would have been amazing. I had one resource when my son was younger in terms of just where myself, and that was another mother in Florida Taylor Kiner up KTAR news for more on this story and for how to get involved with Dame's head to KTAR dot com. Let's check your drive.

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