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Eight hundred bucks just his house and so. Here look in our neighborhood. There's going to be a house where we're going to do it at, but everybody's GonNa be outside in golf carts, like at a certain distance, and it's just going to be a few people like them off, so we have a lot of them. So I've had people in the neighborhood here that we know. A couple listen. That are like texting me like hey, we're the fireworks going to be an hate. This tape golf cart go over to the street over here and you'll see she kia. We're coming up to see you. Guys are not that we're going to be sitting in our golf. Cart me and the kids I'm like cool I. Don't know what we're going to have A. Like! I would like it to right now. All the the gigs and stuff are happening at. Drive in theaters. Yeah, like there's a huge. Drive driving the right now for. For all kinds of ships, everybody's buying at home fireworks. That's what we're doing. We're staying on my street. And we're just hamburgers and hotdogs. Nothing crazy. I was GONNA I was gonNA smoke some ribs. Do something but i. don't WanNa. Be on the grill all day. Hamburgers hot dogs, you know simple simple light also fireworks hang out with the kids. Go Swimming. You know this. Bogus burgers. Above Burgers I'm sorry, oh. The frozen ones yes listen I'm not BUBBA Burger. They're not bad. bubba Burger Fan. They're not bad I've had them before. They've been dry like. You Cook them yes, the ones. We had this weekend on what the fuck happened to all. Drunk all weekend. They were the best fucking burr lingering. A BUBBA burgers. Because no matter you're right, I didn't. Get time, so we were just people were here swimming drinking lane. WHO's ball? That's what I did this weekend to Fucker we played. wrote. Where are you at Joe? I gotTa Talk. Right now need to be hurting big. Man Just give. A thirty minutes okay. We broke through small table like the legs were falling apart I. Actually went and bought. A bad ass profession. We're GONNA have tournament when it's safe cool. You're going to be in them. I don't. I don't either not even that good, but they are. Calling. Are you going anywhere for the Fourth of July? Now No, there's a very good chance I'm working that day so yeah. Really. I'm. GonNa. Come see okay like if we when we do reopen, it will be to go only and at least this time I'm not getting laid off a cool, but when we have these shifts, it's just you're by yourself. Can I do if I? If this ends up being a thing. Can I get a couple of dealer? Dealers choices from you just like you. Oh. Yeah, definitely, okay, cool! Just surprise me and tell me what I'm going. Some Scrub Jays. ZANU already one of them's going to be scrubbed. Drake's so it's yes. Good scribbled his favorite beer right now. We tap to winds, but it sucks because now. We can't have an on on site consumption, so people won't be able to taste it. is closed right now, but they. They're going to reopen. To. Go. They're not gonna around with the restaurant. Part of people sitting inside, okay cedo closed for like a couple of days, and then they're open again. Yeah, a lot of places did that because it's like when you find that out, you literally have to go in and do deep clean on like every single. Information on that one to the guy that worked there, she he didn't work a law hours at all right so like he was hardly there. Wasn't around. Many people and the people that were Oh. That's good was around got tested and we're okay. So it's jumping back up. We were at nine thousand a day. Now we're up to now. We're down to six thousand a day. Where do we see going from here? I think it's anybody's guess. I think it's just going to go back and forth and pockets until we get a cure actual vaccine that's out and relive able to the public. Do you think it's because it's going to be a part of our lives? On the whole us as Americans are stupid or just hitting US harder because of the protests more day. Here's what I think. There is a lot of economic pressure I feel like put on, of course you know, and so we we made the economics. The more important aspect of it yeah. That's what I saw earlier meant to talk to you. Beavis and butthead where he was hit. A fucking doubts on this fucking show. It's coming back. I had a I was looking at the Trivia questions, and I had some Beavis and butthead. Off and then that happened okay. They said America Needs Beavis. And butthead reboot officially announce yes, comedy, central and Mike Judge. That'd be good man. Oh. You think it'll still be good. No, no of course well. Well the. In comedy, central. Interesting it will be like they have to be so careful with everything. Now I hope they go even hardcore like like all the animated shows do it go look at one eight you, South Park, and all that I, don't watch. Any of that? Wash! Years Man? Family Yeah I just go there. They've always have they go there. They always have. Been Quagmire. Bro, wow, man, beavis and butthead coming back, yeah! That's like. I'm excited. Yeah, it's weird. How many reboots are happening constantly now though you're like, nobody can think of new crap like I want more beavis and butthead displeased certain ones. Yeah, that's fine. Hey, tell me something on Netflix Amazon. Prime to watch. Did you watch I episode? Yes, of the all the the naked. Italian men find subtitles fucking going fuck and..

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