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Liked Helen's background is the commander of an FBI NYPD anti-terrorism terrorism task force. He wanted Hallinan to tighten the ship so to speak regarding everything under the security umbrella that included access to the players clubhouse before Jalan took over there is almost no control over who is coming and going from the clubhouse logistically speaking. This lack of control represented a security threat if someone wanted to hurt one of the players it was almost too easy to get access is to them. One of the first things Hallinan did upon becoming head of security was to make sure there was someone standing guard at the clubhouse entrances to sign people all in out by random chance as Jalan toward stadiums throughout the season he frequently ended up being in town the same day the Cincinnati Reds in his efforts to curtail access to the players clubhouse Pete's entourage was particularly egregious in terms of how they seem to have free rein over the stadium as a former. NYPD Lieutenant Helena new and underground betting operation when he saw one he also heard about Pete's recent memorabilia sales and Helen's experience people like Pete Rose only needed that kind of cash for one reason to cover debts so he decided to dig a little deeper into peach activities with commissioner Ueberroth Permission Helen in had Joe Daley an ex FBI colleague who operated out of Cincinnati put out some feelers raise through daily. Helen was able to find out about the shady operations going on in the Gold's gym heat frequented although although he wasn't able to get any concrete proof daily heard a lot of whispers that Pete was betting on Baseball Helen and decided the best course of action would be to conduct a quiet investigation into Pete's gambling practices the whole time Helen's investigation was ongoing Pete had no idea he was under any sort of scrutiny he continued to bet on baseball including games games involving the reds. We never bet for them to lose but that didn't change the fact that he was completely violating rule twenty one won once the nineteen eighty six season ended. He decided he was finally ready to stop playing baseball. After collecting a grand total of four four thousand two hundred and fifty six hits he felt like it was time for him to transition into working solely as the reds manager but even though Oh he was no longer playing for the team that didn't mean Pete was in the clear rule twenty-one clearly prohibited any team employees from betting on on Baseball Games and that included the manager over the next two seasons while Pete managed the reds Helen daily continued their investigation while they were still short on proof they had heard enough rumors to suspect Pete violating rule twenty one in February wary of nineteen eighty nine about a month before the season was set to begin Pete was summoned to the MLB headquarters in New York. He had no idea idea he was walking into an ambush as he entered commissioner. Peter Ueberroth Office Pete was greeted did by the grim faces of Uber Off Incoming Baseball Commissioner Bart Giamatti and his deputy Fay Vincent they asked him point blank. Thank you bet on Baseball Pete admitted that he bet on other sports but categorically denied that he had ever wagered on a baseball game game he insisted he would never be that stupid. The three men had every reason to not push the matter any further although Hallinan had had heard rumors that Pete had bet on baseball he didn't have any real proof and that was good enough for you broth and GM Mati in addition to being being a steward of the game the Commissioner of baseball also answered to the owners and that meant taking the bottom line in the consideration Pete was one of the greatest players of all time is relentless drive and passion for the game made him one of the sport's most popular stars financially it made sense to cast him out of the League but Deputy Commissioner Fay Vincent was a man of unbending principle. He felt that their responsibility he was to make sure the integrity of baseball superseded any financial obligations. You've Pete was betting on Baseball Games that meant he was spitting in the face of one of America's noblest institutions. They couldn't go easy on him. Just because of his status Vincent's passionate case of integrity over money honey one over Ueberroth Giamatti they resolved open an independent investigation into Pete's gambling habits Vincent's recommendation attorney. John Dowd was chosen to conduct the inquiry as a no nonsense attorney so you with an aptitude for big cases dowd was the perfect choice he'd leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of the Truth Investigation Gatien officially began on March Sixth Nineteen Eighty nine upon arriving in Cincinnati Dowd was certain he had a long road ahead of him and not only was a local hero but getting his associates to reveal their own roles in the enterprise was a big ask underground around rings ran on loyalty and trust if these men were willing to betray Pete rose of all people for the rest of their clients might leave leave them however nearly the moment dowd set foot in the city. The men involved in Pete's betting circles ratted him out during Kevin Evan Helen's more discreet questioning. Nobody had turned on Pete but by March one thousand nine hundred nine he owed too much money to too many people. Oh if they weren't going to get their money back they were willing to get payback in a different way. The first one to betray Pete was Paul Paul Janssen a steroid dealer Gold's gym would place bats on Pete's behalf in the spring of Nineteen eighty-seven Jansen was so eager to help make wagers with a bookie Ron Peters that he even paid around forty thousand dollars out of his own pocket to do it. The expectation was that Pete would pay him back later but peed had racked up another thirty four thousand dollars in gambling debts with Ron Peters at the end of the summer of eighty seven and Peter's refuse to pay out forty thousand dollars Pete had one claiming it as payment with interest for the money Pete still owed him that refusal had an unintended ripple effect on Paul Johnson who was still in the whole for the money he had used on behalf but pete reportedly refused to fully repay him this betrayal Stung Jansen to his core Janssen heard about John Dowd's investigation when he was all too happy to turn on his friend in addition to his own notebook in which he meticulously tracked every wager he placed Janssen provided what he claimed repeats own records of the bets dowd had them analyzed by a handwriting writing expert who concluded the Janssen was telling the truth after Janson came forward the bookie Ron Peters also decided to help with dowd's house investigation at the time of the investigation peters was awaiting sentencing on cocaine trafficking and falsifying tax returns. Even though the doubt investigation was independent of the Justice Department. Perhaps he thought he might get a lighter sentence for cooperating in addition to providing the copy of the thirty four thousand dollar check Pete had given him Peter's turned over his own betting records these records confirm the bets that Pete had placed laced via Johnson and that many of these wagers were on baseball games as news from the investigation leaked to the press pete vehemently humanly denied he had ever bet on baseball games even with over a dozen witnesses saying otherwise and the evidence to back them up Pete refuse to admit what he had done. When the nineteen eighty nine season began in early April Pete Rose had gone from beloved hero to despise villain with the exception of Pete's loyal home fans everywhere the reds went pete found himself relentlessly booed? It didn't matter how many records he had he had betrayed the game itself wants dowd had gathered his evidence. He called Pete in for a deposition in late April nineteen eighty nine with so much publicity surrounding the investigation allegation they had to find a quiet discreet place to meet away from the scrutiny of the press instead of meeting in Pete's office or at the New York Doc. MLB Headquarters Pete Rose and John Dowd sat down across from each other in the school cafeteria. The Small Catholic school in Cincinnati natty over the course of two days of questioning Pete steadfastly denied that he had ever bet on a major league baseball game even when Dowd showed Pete the betting slips journal entries in phone records that served as evidence against him even when he he played a phone call Paul Johnson had recorded with another one of Pete's associates about the debt zeroed Pete still refused to yield but dowd dowd didn't need Pete to admit.

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