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Was the advice that the owners of a nursing home gave the pope the employees who work there you got to get two days worth of use out of them masks so when you're done for the day turn it inside out when you come back and use it the next day going against number two will somebody needed to teach them nurses a left on the a man arrested for slashing the tires on the cars of twenty two different parts of nurses who are working in a New York hospital and the winner was **** candidate number one her name inside out the owner came to that number one is **** of the day for listening okay it is not qualified to be the owner of the week yes this the article about but you might make this a **** candidate bill what's that Ohio beauty salon busted for sneaking customers and to have their hair and nails done during or eating yeah I think I have it in the file is good maybe use it tomorrow I mean I'm you know I'm exhibit a here you know I'm good I'm good the great company in there well that's just how awful that looks horrible and I've no eyelashes yes you are a mess my nails not not done the Katy doesn't have her nails done no I don't know when I'll be able to do these things but I can't fathom the people are going to salons now and it's happening and I said Kerry this will probably play it tomorrow the the stuff going on down in Saint George market players right now if you'd like they have hair and nail salons open but think about what happens in the nail salon specifically how often we're talking about washing your hands and and your Hanjour Hanjour hands it may also on your hand your hands over to somebody else for an hour for lunch is a way for me but they don't they they don't come in some soap water first the worst combination of things you could be doing email by I did buy and nail kit but like you can kind of do you fake nails on your own just because my skin is taking a serious beating from my nails because they're so thin when you buy Sally Hansen hard as nails no do you have that yeah here this is we will play the whole thing but it's from ABC news prime which is I guess is that broadcasters at internet I don't know I'm not sure but it's it's called living life as normal in Utah and they interview some people poses of the news reporter down in it's outside of Saint George.

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