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Be like hey everyone look at me she she has the clout to that she has the fame already she doesn't need any more on i'm going to get a really deep into ally in her documentary that that their new album that she pour out her tours cold joann joann is her dad's sister who died at nineteen years old she never met her because she died at nineteen but she wrote a song about her name the album and says she is joann so i when i was watching hours telling ngozi she's just seeking attention that she's never met are already thinking about her four l i mean everyone has their own emotional connections to people and who are we to judged the you know i'm a judging lady gaga says that she is joanna near in the in the documentary she's like us as i hired her i'm sure it's not like i am her reincarnation i'm sure i'll you know like i had like with jim carrey does anti kaufman yeah exactly which i is that come out next friday oh i i heard jim carrey hit rockbottom her just lost his mind yeah that's what i heard it hires agree as a he found his mind really i think he's and we would you me what comes out next week so it over next friday's a big day another big day down live last week that we gotta star wars battlefront we got justice lee who we have the punisher annette flex and we have the andy kaufman jim carrey documentary on your i'll tell you right now like if you guys haven't seen the movie others movie called man on the moon it's one of my favorite movies of all time i i swear to god that in truman show to me were just like ridiculous we what's going on with jim carrey with would what is this the documentary because he filmed the movie called man on the moon it's it's based off of this guy andy kaufman who was on he was a he was like a comedian slash people argue he's like us social commentator back in the '70s and '80s right and hit it alight controversial shit very controversially it's like his life and he's acting as but he says he stayed in character the entire time and he swears that andy kind of put himself in his body yes just like.

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