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Of blue the book and then of course the songs also coincide with book. We'd like to work with people that are better better than us. We like to people that do that. Do songwriting better than we do. That might be better musicians that we are. We want to surround ourselves the best of show and we learn from were always in. We never stop learning. I mean we are never stopped right now so the final question for you so you have been doing a lot of programs about the latest in independence ship. So can you please share. Your program is if someone would like to connect with you and didn't do that particular grams. What would the mystery retail you. Shall we could get a reaction can take our programs as you saw on our website. We can share our kenya speaking. And we've done it. Certainly for the state department of based on what their needs are so we can do anything from entrepreneurial thinking to marketing sales to management and we can also do workshops. We do a lot of workshops for sales and marketing how to get back sales A sales team moving on and we do that with real learning. What i mean by that is that i have the doctor business. I actually bring academic syrian. And mary it with practical experience. So that teams can use down in their own organization to be successful We also teach leadership in creative entrepreneur thinking which is really important now because we work in dynamic environments changing changing changing. And sometimes it's of problem solving and creative thinking that actually will help you move forward in these types of environments especially now when everybody's recreated new wheel for themselves so we can do everything from keynote speaking all the way to workshop development and of course in the fortune five hundred genes and events shake..

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