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I will be if i have to ask her to take a third one that's too much yeah man uh let's talk about listeners diba in which of our listeners the digging off your as most likely to get married in the next year is toshka jones going to be married no is craig given remarry i'm just looking at council people his clip he's already barrio maybe terry this is terrible got a girl right i think he does a he lives in a too yeah i also may but i don't even believe he's not currently engage would he get married in the next year good good b mm maybe i should change it to somebody have says the wooded get married like eight months terry of the most likely to be engaged next year what about tie up oh i could give mary kosuge were her due for a while yeah or baby daddy yeah i hate when she includes him in our snapshots you're a in china sea that's it which could trying to remind me uh dan you know designs contests like i don't the banana swirl with chocolate the banana swirl from dang oh yeah yeah all that good stuff right there you know one i haven't buchan made one of those in forever thio i forgot about that man we saw watching daniel tiger you there's like a new season i would like episodes i've never seen i need to get on that show yet we try to get kaley to watch it and she just does not care about that show yes guys doesn't want to watch it anymore she's got sydney's old daniel tiger and she loves the shiddo that thing but she does not want to watch the show she watches and everything else mesa will i wise daniel tigreen more chika any of those pbs shows there uh they're all was george any it'll uunless old he's watching these baby watching will since they discovered netflixing amazon prime they're all about the stuff that's on there they a like a ninety cent not even move reaches fucking tv shows.

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