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Because it's just like i don't know who puts us in the script who feels like or something. Yeah exactly it's somehow in this and it does others. Egg feels very unnecessary. But somehow like when. You said that to me. Like i laughed at. That's the worst part about it. I mean a great guy. I'm sorry. I got egge but when you see someone get hit with eg its single egg shock. That system like woody meaning Anything else we have one. I had was a shout out to the hall of fame. I i watched like the nfl hall of fame and peyton. Manning was like the most charismatic. I feel like he's been in a long time. So that was good to see since his nationwide commercials nationwide commercials that he used to do. Yeah he didn't do brad. that's right. yeah that was chicken parm. Ut soga yes wow man. What a pastime but yeah. He seemed like he got his juice. Pack so i'm excited about that. The meanings back brady was there. And then mega john calvin johnson when he was at georgia tech and i've never seen anything like it and they were they were basically just throwing the ball up in the air and this guy was just pulling it down and then they showed some highlights. I forgot he had like a three hundred fifty yard game receiving you know what i mean i it was. It was just a fun weekend because it reminded me of football that i grew up and just love so it was nice to his fame moment but it also made me feel very old because i had just seen their entire careers now. They're just like going in. The you know what i mean. It's just like one of those moments in time. Where i was like. Oh wow i feel like time is passing really really quickly hall of fame. Weekend is strangely very accessible. Not it's not really. I'm not i don't get people the wrong idea that you can just go there and do whatever you want. But if you know like you don't have to. You don't have to know. Peyton manning or edgerrin james or calvin johnson nerd guys like that to get into parties or to see cool stuff or whatever But it's weird like if you know a guy who knows the guy who knows a guy you could just look up and find yourself at the peyton manning after party at the again which is to say i guess. Security is not as good as it should be. I mean they're just like if you're in canada at this point you know what i mean like. You have a dedication like you made. You made this drive like we we when chris carter got put in the hall of fame. Dad used to babysit. I think i've talked about on the show before. Because he was friends with butch who pleaded. Deanna whatever chris's brother So when when chris goes in butch invited the family up and we went to the chris. Carter party at the hall of fame. It was so sick. It was like i believe chris cards my favorite. Nfl player growing up. And i was using my mind. I was like i can't believe biz. Markie was the dj. Oh great bismarck was was on the ones and twos. My brother and i are losing her mind within. I remember like we would step out of that party. And i remember. There's all these parties going around. And around there. And i was like i could just walk into any of these other ones so i guess maybe you have to get into the first one mellon life in the first door and you just keep going. But i just wanted to. I know there are a lot of people from highly. Listen if you've never been up to canton for the all the female try it to see what happens. Put on a look the part just as long as you don't have like a calf tattoo of your favorite nfl team. Those guys don't make it in those guys are like no hang steelers.

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