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Concert tickets. But I'm not a big Nickelback fan. Snow hate, but don't sit there and listen to them like on my playlist, or do we go to the concert together, we met Chad Kroeger and the band did we yet? You don't remember that picture? I remember I just shaved my face. And I looked like a chewed piece of bubble. That's why it's not framed and hung, right? Katie my playlist. I have a separate playlist is called soft songs. I don't have a playlist called SAAF saw and a artists recently just died on my playlist. Oh, no. James ingram. Yeah. That was sad. Yeah. Soft songs. I just listen to the radio. Yeah. I do that too. But when I every once in a while, I get in that weird workout mood, and I play soft songs from my workout. When you work at weird soft songs like the stylistic sonnet blue magic on air supply, Barron, mental health stuff like. Work out. I feel like I'm just listening to the rocky soundtrack or hip hop. If I'm working out, which is four times a year. So it's not even have a less the rest of the top forty. That's how I do right twins. There's twin sisters and they're trying you know twins Zula things together. Twins. We didn't notice is gonna happen in studio. They're trying to get pregnant at the same time. Okay. By the same guy. This is like Jason's fantasy types. Ten also thinks that it is somebody in our studio audits..

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