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Oh, yeah, that that's crazy. So, yeah. Sorry. I'm like, excuse me, QVC. If why are you live and you have a full on reality show filming on the other side of your live set? Are you crazy? QVC? Is this what we're paying you for? Because QVC has one of those big gigantic Turney sets that's like Disneyland where you just sit there, but the set turns, you know, it's like a trivial pursuit pie. You just wait for your color to come up. But very quiet. I don't want to interrupt page Davis over there. There. And are you kidding me? No, I'm not kidding you. That was Lisa Ramon her set. Please be quiet. No, here comes. He's angry. Okay. You know what? This has to stop right here. No more treaties. We're that having cream cheese. We're in having Sam re-selling dusters and if you can't deal with that, you better go to HSEN. Okay. At least you didn't tell me go to shop NBC. So Kelly is getting ready for her party at the shock with her teenage helper. Jack who she is picked up from us ical theater class, like Jack, put some cheese on a play, like please. He's like, can we hurry this up because I had to go through my lines for all of our. I'm playing. May. So anyway. So yeah, the girls are coming over and I like Vicky. Walked up the staircase. She goes, Jesus. Knock on us to Kelly's shack yet. No one is used to it. I love the look on everybody's faces. They come out those viral fair case up the spiral staircase. So they FaceTime Shannon and Shannon's like yet. I just talked with salmon and it was not bad. It was actually a very fulfilling experience. I recommend everyone do it, but I've also gotten we Serena very angry at me and I'm very concerned about what she will do preventions. Do you think that's a wig, yes or no? Kelly? I like your blades or I startled her styled it with the blazer door. She, she. So then Gena comes over and she's back back. Yeah, and she's all sub dude, and she's like, haunt. AM appearance of here and it's like, it's really helpful. You know what?.

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