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Everybody walking back to now we'll podcasts want to give out to smarty pants appreciate then being a tattoo sponsor for the podcast castle if you have some vitamin e smarty pants is the place for you man today is is awesome for me because we get to hear somebody talk that never speaks in public we have a houston texan ledger miami legend i don't know how six seven time pro allpro though matter right future hall of famer you've got to wear yellow jacket that's awesome so now you're gonna have a yellow jacket if you don't assistant rig and we protest i'll take a need for that mamane andre johnson at a building thank you for coming man i know we this is second time we did it first time we had technical difficulties man so anytime i can get dray around me man i'm happy i'm happy camper noga man how has life right now man i know you i know you went on a trip to africa bro how was that it was dope man i would recommend anybody you know one trip you should take you should do that africa and what part did you go to i went to tanzania i did two safaris that did safari in gongora crater and idea in the seren gedi you into saying who so you saw like wildlife shit there like dude was i may i was reach of it you know lions in oh you never think you'll get that close to you know something like that man giraffes i've never been on like a safari like that the animals like do you feel like the energy of them is different than like when you go to the zoo 'cause they look the press to me at this.

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