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Welcome to part in my take presented by seek today is monday march twenty first or nineteenth march nineteenth and guess what my brain it's not working because of the madness i'm gonna blame basketball for well not basketball i'm going to blame sitting on a couch and staring at a television from about three feet away for the entire weekend yeah on my malfunctions oh you know what you can do okay just say it was mandela fact i'm gonna start saying about everything that's the one where berinstain bears people think that it was spelled a different way growing up so you just blame the mandela effect on everything at wrong i think we say this every single year but i think this is the first year that it actually counts this has been the craziest first weekend of the tournament is it was insane so so to recap we had two number ones go down with the first ever sixteen beat a one which we'll get to in a second we had to two seeds that both could have won the tournament unc and cincy and then you had to three seeds michigan state which at time in the year look like the best team and you also tennessee who lost a loyal chicago the ramblers and sister jean captivated the nation so i actually i'm going to say it it was a craziest first weekend in turnament history and we should probably start with the sixteen over one which we never ever thought it would happen we thought we actually said on friday that the only way it would happen is if everyone got injured and they won with the buzzer beater we i was very wrong or it could happen with blowout award to wear solo turned out virginia which has been you know virginia they're like a weird cousin to his concentration ball so i have a little bit of sympathy form but everyone shits on their style way the pack line defense they clog it up turns out if you're six man goes out your best defender goes out with an injury in the acc tournament and a team that is the retrievers catches fire hits a bunch of threes that is how you're one seed goes down to a sixteen right uva plays in the way that dr james naismith.

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