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Dot org and if you want to hear more from us which is highly unlikely at this point but if you want to. You can find us on the interwebs on twitter on instagram on facebook. Echo is at echo charles. I am out jaakko willink. Now if you wanna talk to drago he's not on those platforms and his his free. Speech has been suppressed. But don't worry. He's on the underground. He's making things happen. You can check him out at connect zing dot com. I'm also on there now too because well if drug was there and he's hanging out And i'm going to be hanging out to echo. You got any final thoughts. No that's it and then good to see you again. We met briefly downtown nightclub days with my good friend. Jeremy and he He introduced me to bat longtime ago. Like almost twenty years like longtime go say hi to him this great guy and Yeah amana. I remember drug house. Like he seems very nice but he probably get not so good to see thank you again and that it was great to be here drug already any other closing thoughts man. I see maybe smoking making small prey on our mind for those guys who are no longer with us. The maybe a few seconds of silence one of them. Yeah i don't know when this podcast is is actually coming out but Today is is march twentieth. Today is is mark lee's birthday and i mean just an incredible incredible incredible seal incredible husband incredible son and miss him and the rest of the boys every day. So happy birthday to mark and drago man. Thanks for your service. Thanks for your service to the teams. Thanks for your service to the navy..

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