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Unabomber with a non animus bombs what happened his manifesto was read because he killed in maimed so many people and it feels like we're playing into the hands of these individuals when we spend as much time deconstructing what happened and why it happened and who they are whether they be a muslim or a guy who thinks technology has taken over our lives or any number of other things so that's about all i'm going to say on that subject today because i don't want to in my own small way contribute any further and that's all i know that's all i know for certain so apologies if you were looking for further details i think that the national preoccupation with the news particularly news of the gruesome i think it's rooted in a number of different things it's the same reason that horror films of sell so well it's the same reason there's a fascination with serial killers and i confess i've i've done my own studies on these guys and what makes them who they are we were flipping channels on netflix last night and i was shocked how many how many stations are how many programs are related to serial killers behind the motives serial killers behind the motor motives of mass shooters in those sorts of things and i think at some point you know we talk about solving problems i think we're going to have to confront the reality that we might be contributing to the next one by the preoccupation with the current one and i don't like that i don't like thinking that maybe maybe our desire to rubber nate everybody says they hate when the traffic stops on the freeways and it happens in every town they hate when the traffic stops and he was on the other side of the freeway there was no reason to stop at a traffic the the flow of traffic was not stop they were much of ambulances and fire trucks on the other side police officers wide folks stop because they want to see in somehow it makes it better if we just say oh that's awful looks like there are three dead that's terrible i think if we could learn to stop the a traffic accident is an accident no one intended that but i think if we could learn to stop digging so deep into these shootings we would contribute to a safer society city of new york has issued a heightened alert for news agencies now i don't know if that's because they are in possession of of a good tip a viable threat that's out there but what does that say to the guys that want to threaten what does it say to the terrorist of whatever ilk background and nationality and religion so it's probably more than i wanted to talk about that we're going to get to the news rod rosenstein appeared before congress today as did peter strasbourg much more coming up.

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