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Work today, who is pretty bad and unexpected all the weather experts missed it thought it was just going to be a minor. Little inconvenience turned out to be a big storm. I want you to know though, the best time to go to the motor vehicle is during a snowstorm. I was thinking nobody there right house in an Audi five minutes. I'd go get my tags for my car and literally five minutes, I was in and out. I bet a lot of businesses were really slow today. Yeah. And they say they got almost a foot of snow in Westminster. Most of Denver front range got six seven inches is about what we got here at the iheartmedia empire. Here near the tech center. You know, what was bizarre that we watch. Those guys shovel off the balcony when you walk that, we weren't you surprised at the balcony was shoveled before the walks. They were shoveling when I walked in. They were shoveling the sidewalk. Shovelling off the balcony first before the sidewalks this morning, and at the same thing they were walked out. Almost texted me and said, why are the walk still pull a snow in the balconies are clear. These guys worked all day did props to them. But yet. Was the balconies where nobody has access to around the building. And when I was leaving this morning to the sidewalks hadn't been touched bears. No dynamos fell twice walking out. But that's why I was laughing falling now. So somebody maybe said a balcony, I I that's a priority. And then whatever you can get after that's fine. I was going to text you going almost fall on the stairs as but the balconies are care to save the stairs were treacherous. But hey, yeah. You could have had a picnic on the Bill. Right. And it's getting really cold tonight single digits over most of the front range. So the the year round short sky dragon redbeard stay inside dragon now, I'll be fine. Be just fine. You're gonna chap your knees. Whereas it might be. But that's okay. Just pull my socks up a little bit and be just fine. That's a good luck. That's that's what we watch right there. I wanna see high water socks. Was short. You got a bunch of coaching pants, but they wouldn't fit him. I'm thirty thirty six thirty six thirty eight. No, they wouldn't fit them because you've got some bigger ones like cherry creek. You can just bring over. Yeah. Yeah. I get some khaki they need to at least be the ones. I gave him that Elvis gave away the forties. What was Elvis doing with the forty? He remember he lost all that way. But he's to be a forty forty its way sleighs waste. Yes. Elvis dombivili. Yes, come on. No. I find that really hard to believe thirty nine forty. He got that wrong, Kathy. There's no way tagging. There's no way. Forty inch gagging. What size is did. I give you can't recall that was many many years. They all fit dragging. Wow. A bunch of weight like his second third year, but he came in heavier in. That's when I was packing everything up to send it away, and Jack I'll take it. I think we have Brandon krisztal here. If you want to grab him he's at the airport, and he's out of breath. What are you doing airport the airport at the arena or you're at the arena already? Walked in the media night. So let's cut right through this. We we have a pool going here. Because we know you guys are doubled up. So who's your roommate? Well, I think I have a few nights to myself, and then ten expenses jumping in with one of us when Tyler leads.

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