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These are these are plans, it can make a lot of sense, and can certainly control the cost of your health insurance going. Forward. And that's what you're really trying to do here. This business. The old shuffling shuffling of let's change carriers, deductibles and all that stuff. And we'll go to another carrier. I was having lunch with a another broker the other day. And he said, yeah, you know, you we, you know, we used to move on from this plan to that plan. And and and we tell them, you know, it's only going to be good for a year or two because the carrier's gonna increase the premium as the book matures, well, those days are over that's gone community rating killed all of that. So that's not gonna happen anymore. These these kinds of plans the partially self funded level premium captive plans, they can make a big difference. So if you're interested in at eight seven seven three eight five twenty two twenty four let's go back to the original model of group health insurance and talk about those fully insured plans. You know, they still work for a lot of people. I just did a small city. Administration group a small town on the Illinois. And we put them on a Blue Cross Blue shield of Illinois plant. It was the city of carterville, Illinois. And we put them on a Blue Cross Blue shield plan that worked for them. Okay. That we got a plan that save money over what they were paying their previous carrier was United. We moved off of that United planned moved them over to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. We saved him some money long term. That's probably gonna work out for them. Pretty well. They need a benefits rich program their city. They've got unions and other issues to deal with so, but we did we did we were able to reduce cost. And here's something else. It was interesting. We we actually got better benefits. We lowered the deductible gave him better benefits on prescription drugs. And some of the other things they were doing there what they had. Okay. And reduce the cost not by a lot. But by some okay. And let me tell you this. The other thing was they were much much happier with Blue Cross Blue shield because the network. Access and I wanna take a moment to talk about something here. You know, you go out and buy a plan, whether it's individual you buy a group health insurance plan, and you look at price only, and you maybe you buy a bronze plan, and then you find out that you don't have access to the doctors, hospitals and medical clinics that you need access to just how good is that health insurance. Have you thought about that? I mean, how good is the health insurance? If it doesn't let you get the care you need. Now, you get cancer. You have a heart issue. Maybe you have a stroke. Okay. Are you have some other medical debilitating debilitating issued like osteoporosis arthritis or or diabetes, and you wanna go see certain doctors, you can't see them because you know, you you bought the plan based on price not based on benefit what I'm trying to say here is there has to be a balance between these two the folks in carterville wanted good access, and we gave them good access the best access. They could have with Blue Cross Blue shield of Illinois. So there is a place for fully insured plans. Okay. And they work for. It depends again on your situation. It's the brokers responsibility to sit down with you analyze what your what your needs are. And then say to you. Here's the options we presented them, by the way with a level premium option from assurance star Mark, and they chose not to do it. Okay. They chose they chose to go to a fully.

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