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Features mayors roslyn bliss grand rapids and jim carruthers of traverse city who just minutes before his session begins has graciously agreed to spend a few minutes with us merkel or others welcome degrading of the great lakes and you kirk it's good to be here i give her a looser for those people who have been in a cave for the last thirty or forty years are a snapshot of your beautiful city of traverse city will most people in michigan no traverse city serve as the vacation mecca of the state's we have no natural resources abound we're on grandchildren's very we have solution bear dunes we have lakes and streams everywhere were were ideal for a vacation in many people leave the urban areas of downstate in around the midwest are all over the world now because we're on every top ten list you can get on to come to traverse city so we face many challenges with how we grow and what we wanna to do while maintaining the character of our town that's keeps people wanting to be there one thing and i'm very familiar with the traverse city area but traverse city has been green in terms of sustainability long before sustainability even became a word but there's an east those up in northwest michigan about the environment oh what we we attracts many people who believe in protecting our natural resources and environment where we're very much a green community we attract all sorts of people that want the the the easier living in the nicer living with the force in the waters around them and and we've been very fortunate i've been involved for some time i got involved in politics back in ninety six when we when i advocated are travesty line power municipal utility company to introduce a green rate so we can put the first utility grade win junior generator in the country in traverse city that wind tower that sets up on top of seventy two hell that's the first of its kind in this country and we got it placed in traverse city so we sort of started the green movement the renewal move it back in the late nineties and we moved you know all along to in two thousand seven we adopted the us mayors climate protection agreement in two thousand ten we set.

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