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Part of your body. As you just heard the list so every body's system. You have and your brain. Diabetes can cause low moods, poor memory, weak blood vessels, fragile bones, kidney disease, just to name a few, but truly the list does go on, and on the bottom line, keeping your blood glucose numbers in the normal range of eighty to one hundred is critical to maintaining good health and avoiding the potential risks that Brittany just mentioned. An F.. Half the population has either prediabetes type two diabetes. You really need to understand what diabetes is an how to prevent it so you should know also what to eat, but what to avoid, and if you have diabetes, or if you are concerned about getting type, two diabetes will also start by talking about what's actually going on in your body. If you have type two diabetes, that's right so first of all diabetes is a disease in which the body cannot get sugar or glucose into your cells for energy. The pancreas makes insulin so insulin is a hormone that helps deliver glucose to your cells. And we know your body needs a certain amount of glucose for energy, but those high glucose levels greater than one hundred twenty six. That falls into the diabetes level type, two diabetes level, and can cause the health problems that Brittany talked about earlier. The Kidney Disease Heart Disease Depression Alzheimer's many many more. And as a Dietitian, I frequently have clients. Tell me my mother has diabetes. My grandmother had diabetes, so they often think it's a genetic problem in yes, genetics can play a role in getting diabetes, but the truth is our lifestyle. Habits actually play the biggest role in whether or not. We get type two diabetes. That those poor lifestyle habits can lead to insulin resistance, which is the most common cause of type two diabetes.

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