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Ragsdale and carrier, turn to the experts. Nothing like a little angry rock in the first thing in the morning. Little German rock. They're a little German death. Metal. We love that actually went to go see an event in Atlanta where it was a whole night of an a an a sort of a tribute to German metal. And it was a lot of fun. Just has just had a rip roaring good time. All right off very quickly. Get our last caller in for the morning. Let's go to Steve is calling from Costa Rica? Steve welcome to the Allen Sanders show. Hello allen. It's good to be back in the United States a little while I have retired to Costa Rica, and I absolutely loved the philosophy their last is four I'm saying, absolutely. That is an I've embraced that maybe comes with being a little older and wiser, but yeah, I wish more people would realize that. And what I do for the holidays. I get my daughter and my grandkids and others cash. It's like they can catch the sales after Christmas. They get what they want. I don't have the hassles of everything and it just works out a whole lot better and under. One thing. You don't have to give everybody in the world a present. No your budget. Stay with it. And it makes it so much easier in life. That is great advice. And I wish more people would accept it. You know, hanging out with somebody to me is more important than getting a gift from that person. Exactly because I'm here visiting and a friend took me over to his family's house for thanksgiving. And I had one of the greatest times in my life over there doing that. It's awesome. Steve thanks so much for calling in for listening and enjoy your visit. And I kind of jealous because I know what Costa Rica's like a lot of people. Visit. I'd love to live there. So well done, sir. You can live there for two grand a month. Easy. Oh, see you're making you're making it hard because I love America. But America to be I do I'm upset with the political stagnation. We have you know, down there for politician messes up. They throw them in jail. Well, maybe we gotta to look at. And I don't know if you want to do that just yet the way people playing politics here, but Steve thanks so much for calling in and happy thanksgiving to you. All right last couple of things very quickly shout out to woodland high school marching band the area. I live up. I told you I live in the carterville area the only marching band from the state of Georgia came from Bartow county. The woodland Wildcats were in the Macy's day parade. So big shout out to them that was really really cool to be able to see the hometown band representing the state of Georgia in what has been the coldest or one of the coldest Macy's parades on record. I know it was really really cold out there. But very cool about that. If you're a jogger I want to do this a quick plug for the battered women's shelter in Bartow county called tranquility house. They've got an upcoming jingle jog that you could find if you're a five care or if you want to dress up and have fun..

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