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D I C great to have you with us on a Monday afternoon It's 1 38 Traffic and weather on the eights. Serena Kessler and the W T O P Traffic Center on the Beltway in Maryland. It is the outer loop of the Beltway delays approaching and passing Branch Avenue where we have a report of a crash. It is the interlude, however, where that delay continues to grow. The inner loop DeLay is after 2 14 Central Avenue trying to make your way past Pennsylvania Avenue watch for anything that may have popped up in the area of the Suitland Parkway. Not sure if it's a work zone or whether it's accident activity. Also in Maryland, New Hampshire Avenue south of Crest Haven drive at Chalmers a report of a crash definitely seeing some delays building in both directions. Also in the district of DeLay is growing on outbound New York Avenue that delays near South Dakota Avenue trying to head toward the split with 50 and the B W Parkway. The accident activity had been out of the roadway. But response was showing up to the scene. So watch to be under redirection in Southeast Good Hope Road between Minnesota and 13th Street. That was a police investigation. So watch for the general closures in Area within the delays in that area. There was an earlier wreck Martin Luther King Jr Avenue near you Street in Virginia on 66 eastbound inside the Beltway delays, headed toward Route seven left Lane gets by the work after Washington Boulevard left Lane also gets by the work. It is the Beltway, the inner loop it 1 23 It's at the end of the ramp from 1 23 onto the inner loop. There's a broken down vehicle watch for the short early emerge for those of you coming from 1 23 watch for the delay as well. South bound 95 in the express lanes were the first County Parkway. There was activity along the left side. The earlier activity North bound your Opens Boulevard had been a crash along the left side. Save on organic grass Berries at Whole Foods market to six ounce packages for $5 through August 4th, while supplies last plus prime members save an extra 10%. Find more deals at Whole Foods market. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Storm team four's Matt Ritter. Now mostly cloudy this afternoon. Very warm and humid. A few scattered showers or a thunderstorm will be starting high school in the mid upper.

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