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Initiative in 1989 to help provide legal services to men and women on death row in Alabama. Now, E. J. I is not only defending marginalized people but marginalized history. It built a civil rights museum on a lynching memorial, attracting headlines across the nation spotlight on Montgomery. When we began our work, we bought this building, but we didn't know it was the site of a former warehouse were enslaved People were held. No one had actually documented the primacy of slavery in this community. Winter Berlin You can't really go 100 meters without saying markers and stones have been placed next to the homes of Jewish families that were abducted. German seemed to want to because of the Holocaust Memorial. They were intent on changing The narrative. They didn't want to be thought of his Nazis and fascists forever. And I just don't think we've created cultural spaces in this country that motivate people to say never again to this history of enslavement and lynching and segregation in the absence of that commitment. I think he's left us vulnerable. And not only do we not do that we actually romanticize this era. When we tell stories about how glorious and wonderful the architects and defenders of slavery are In Alabama Confederate Memorial Day is a state holiday. Jefferson Davis birthday is a state holiday. We do not have Martin's The King Day in Alabama. We have Martin with the King slash Robert E. Lee Dae Stevenson has made Montgomery his laboratory in a vast experiment to shift the narrative on American racism's roots and legacy. And he's taken as his models. Similar efforts in South Africa, Rwanda, Germany and especially its capital, Berlin, where stop a Steiner literally stumbling blocks bear the names of Holocaust victims swept up from nearby apartments where there's a vast Holocaust memorial just south of the Brandenburg Gate. Acres of concrete slabs of various size that you cannot avoid in Berlin. History comes at you around every corner, but the Nazi viewpoint has no presence there. In the spirit of never again the street names or replaced what they used to be before an artist kind of power historian Sir Richard Evans is author of the Third Reich in History and Memory. We asked him to trace Germany's path to reckoning the concrete sauce because an eagles were taken down. Some smaller buildings were blown up. Tio raise thie immediate memory of the Nazi period. Of course. All those millions of people who had Nazi uniforms from the helo youth or the National socialists, Stormtroopers but more, buried them or threw them away. The allies had a huge programme of D notifications. Old Nazis were fired. There were thousands of trials not just in Germany, but in Poland and France and other places from the Dean Ossification program. Involved sending out question As to millions and millions of Germans. It went very far and very deep. What did you think about the denounce ification films and newsreels? The allies made Yeah. They were made by a well known directors like Billy Wilder or Alfred Hitchcock Mills of Death was one of them with archive footage off the Concentration camps. Germans were forced to go and see them in local cinemas. They had been beaten down to live like animals far worst or few animals had lived in the terror, hunger and filth of these victims. A lot of Germans simply refused to believe what they've seen. In these films.

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