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First of all like i've known sean for a long time i've worked for the nfl on fox i was able to be in the redskins locker room and you know around that facility when he was just the offensive coordinator when he was the up and coming guy the tight ends coach offense coordinator and to a man everybody in that redskins organization said he's not going to be here for long but at the time he was in his twenties late twenty right and he comes a loss angeles in the first thing i knew when he got it was when i looked at shirty hat on and i said coach is that a little lemon shirt you're he said yeah i gotta bring a little swagger over here to these guys and think about it that is something different you know jim harbaugh had khakis and charlotte chick whereas a obt hoodie that got cut off sleeves on it here you have a head coach that is dressing in the now in the new and it brings like that he's in tune with players he can handle guys who have strong character and so i think that's what he's brought is that we're all going to at some point disagree about something but one thing that we do agree upon which i love sean about is that we agree upon winning we agree upon playing football planning with passion and i think that's the reason why they acquired these guys i've never said in consumer takes plays off he's not passionate about football marcus peters keep tilly they love football sometimes they over love football towards something on the field take you know they get a little carried away but it's not because of lack of effort by no means.

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