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On the twos new item now on the boulevard. Southbound we have an accident in the left lane near Henry avenue or Senator pretty good delay now, if you're heading toward the Schuylkill expressway. Because of that far from their Lincoln drive is not an option it is closed. Between ridge and Wayne for weekend construction all the Schuylkill. We're still seeing delays eastbound, between the curve and Belmont low again from the. Boulevard down to university westbound slow from there Vine heavy again from the boulevard out to Gladwin then a minor layout near two oh to now not far from there on four twenty two year crawling from. Tool to Al past trooper you have only the right shoulder getting by for. Roadwork there on the blue route southbound heavy approaching route one and then delays between Baltimore pike and ninety five northbound heavy. Ninety five past mcdade on ninety five or seeing delays northbound four fifty two to the Commodore Barry then jammed in. The Girard point bridge near broad street still some delays, getting off at broad for that Phillies game that is now underway the ninety five southbound heavy around Girardi of an ambulance in the right lane they're making a little bit. Worse, heading over the bridge is not too bad we do have some delays in New Jersey though to ninety five. Still, crawling southbound for about a mile approaching, Warwick road you have the right lane taken out because of a. Car fire on the expressway westbound delays of the toll plaza and then. When you get to the forty two freeway you're heavy approaching the forty two freeway up to fifty five on forty two Northbound typical delays on forty-seven through Dennis Bill and. Morris river in the southern shore points master as again airport line media will..

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